Characters, locations and enemies – the alleged images of the poster from the collector’s edition of Rainbow Six: Quarantine appeared on the network

One of the guests of the forum Resetet shared an interesting find with the community. The user found on the net photographs of the poster included in the collection edition Rainbow Six: Quarantine. Multiplayer shooter was introduced Ubisoft during E3 2019 a small teaser and since then nothing has been heard about him. It was only reported that the release window was transferred from the current fiscal year to the next.

On the images presented by the user, you can see a description of all the operatives from the upcoming game, as well as a list of locations, modes and enemies. Look for basic information obtained from very fuzzy pictures below.

  • The game has 21 characters, divided into 3 classes: Attack aircraft, Scout, Support hero. In addition, the poster has a mysterious class “Recruit”;
  • more than 50 types of weapons;
  • pumping and customization;
  • 4 types of parasites;
  • 4 game modes: Sabotage, Destruction, Escort and Hunting;
  • 9 locations in 3 regions: New York (Liberty Island, Police Precinct, Monolith Hotel), San Francisco (Mission District, Casino, Foundation Space) and TRC (Hospital, The OAH and DownTown).

Rainbow Six: Quarantine will be released before the end of March 2023, not only on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, but also on the next generation consoles.

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