Ubisoft’s new Rainbow Six: Quarantine shooter leaked online

New shots and game info hit the net Rainbow Six: Quarantinecompany is developing Ubisoft. After the official announcement of the new project, the creators hardly shared any information, and therefore the leaked information pleased the players.

According to Gamebomb.ru, new photos with details of the future shooter Rainbow Six: Quarantine got into the network. On the posted frames, apparently made from a poster about one of the editions of the future shooter, a description of three classes of operatives was revealed – assault, reconnaissance and support, which will be presented in Rainbow Six: Quarantine, as in the game Rainbow Six: Siege. In addition, the images showed a layout of different tactical equipment schemes and weapons for fighters that you can take with you on missions. Finally, on the Rainbow Six: Quarantine merged frames, you can see the description and structure of some types of maps and tasks that will be available in the game. Among them, you can see the hunt for infected or escorting the target.

In the official announcement of Rainbow Six: Quarantine, the developers showed that players will face not only infected, but also a dangerous virus that can turn them into terrible monsters. The authors promised that Rainbow Six: Quarantine will be the same level of PvE game that Rainbow Six: Siege has become for PvP modes. It is still unknown whether the players in Rainbow Six: Quarantine will be able to fight each other, or whether they will only have to confront computer-controlled enemies in cooperative missions.

According to Gamebomb.ru, the game Rainbow Six: Quarantine should be released on PC, Xbox One and PS4 this year. Perhaps very soon, Ubisoft will engage in a full-scale advertising campaign for the future project.