Parasites in Quarantine: Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Quarantine shooter changes its name

Looks like a multiplayer shooter Rainbow six quarantine French publishing house Ubisoft really decided to rename. It will now be called Rainbow six parasite… The source of the information was a premature leak of a promo image of the game in a digital store PlayStation Store

Apparently, the change in the subtitle of new items from Ubisoft justified by an obvious desire to distance themselves from the word “quarantine“against the backdrop of a raging global pandemic. Before the French publishing house allowed this scenario.

For the first time Rainbow six quarantine (now known as Rainbow six parasite) was presented to the public back in 2019, but after the release, the project was postponed several times.

Players are waiting for a multiplayer tactical shooter in which operatives will have to fight back a dangerous alien parasite that can infect people and spread easily around the world.

According to current plans, the exit Rainbow six parasite should take place before the end of this year on most current platforms, including Playstation 5, Xbox series x, and PC



Ubisoft has confirmed that the game will be renamed, but the Parasite subtitle is a working title. The final will be revealed later.

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