After “Avengers Finale” continued to be revealed in the new Marvel movie

After the release of the largest superhero blockbuster Avengers: Final, the company Marvel presented the official synopsis of her next project, “Eternal,” with completely new heroes that fans had not seen before. As it turned out, the film “Eternal” will be associated with the “Avengers Final” in an unexpected way.

Fans of the superhero movie universe Marvel after the announcement of the film “Eternal” suggested that the events of the new film will unfold in the distant past, and even young Thanos from “Avengers Final” will be shown to the audience. However, everything may turn out to be completely different from what many thought. As became known, the authors of the film “Eternal” presented the official synopsis of their project, which revealed a direct connection with the “Avengers 4 Final”. So, if you believe the official description of the plot of the film “Eternal” from Marvel Studios, then the events of the new film will occur after the events of “Avengers Finale”, and show the consequences of the actions of Thanos and superheroes of the Earth.

According to the official synopsis, the film “Eternal” tells about a completely new team of superheroes from the genus of ancient aliens who have secretly existed on Earth for thousands of years. But after the events of Avengers Finale, a new unexpected tragedy occurs that forces powerful heroes to step out of the shadows and reunite in the face of the most ancient enemies of mankind, known as the Deviants. It is interesting that the Eternals, like the Deviants, possess several superpowers at once, and therefore significantly surpass in the powers of those superheroes that spectators already saw in the cinema universe Marvel.

It was supposed that the film “Eternal” will show a huge segment of history with a length of more than 7 thousand years, but before the fans did not know that part of the film would take place in modern times, after “Avengers 4 Final”. In this case, in the film “Eternal”, superheroes familiar to fans in small cameos or in a more significant role may appear. However, most likely, the authors will keep these surprises a secret until the release of the film “Eternal”. Kevin Feige himself (Kevin Feige) has already confirmed that the Eternal is aware of the Avengers and their actions, but they still remained in the shadows and did not intervene in what was happening for unknown reasons. Perhaps the threat of the Deviants will be much worse than everything that the audience saw before, including the actions of Thanos in the films “Avengers: Final” and “Avengers: War of Infinity”.

According to, the picture “Eternal” will appear at the box office on November 4, 2023. The project starred Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie), Kit Harington (Kit Harington), Richard Madden (Richard Madden), Salma Hayek (Salma) and others.