After “Avengers Finale” showed a giant creature hundreds of times stronger than Thanos

After the movie “Avengers Final” in the new film of the cinema universe Marvel showed a giant and powerful creature that is many times stronger than the titan of Thanos. Fans of the superhero movie universe were shocked at what awaits them on the movie screens in the future.

As became known, a new concept art in high quality of the film “Eternal” by Marvel was posted on the expanses of the network, which showed an unknown living celestial of enormous size. An unknown creature is located directly in space, and its size is comparable to large planets and other celestial bodies. Fans of the movie “Avengers 4 Final” suggested that this creature has truly unlimited power, and can easily destroy entire worlds, which the titan Thanos needed a huge army and a lot of time. It is worth noting that previously, viewers have already seen live celestial in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which turned out to be Peter Quill’s father from the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie named Ego, which is a living planet. Ultimately, superheroes found a way to destroy one of the last surviving celestials.

The film “Eternal”, which the creators themselves call one of the most risky and expensive Marvel projects, will feature many new characters with great power and several superpowers. The first trailer for the film “Eternal” will be released only in a few months, and therefore many fans still do not know what awaits them in the film, and how large the project will turn out. The authors of the picture are not going to surpass the Avengers Final, but apparently, the Eternal project can really impress the audience.

According to, the release of the film “Eternal” will take place in November 2023, and the tape itself is one of the most anticipated film premieres of this year. The film starred Angelina Jolie (Angelina Jolie), Richard Madden (Richard Madden), Kit Harington (Kit Harington), Salma Hayek (Salma Hayek) and others.