Launching a new part of the famous series of the Swedes from DICE, I eagerly rubbed his hands in anticipation of the promised in an interview shown in the trailers and the most World War I horror. Narrow trenches uncomfortable, blurred by rain and dirt roads, awkward arms and greasy soot, thick clouds of burning Valya technology …

In all this there is something even its romance. In addition, after a series of game projects, where the scene of the selected another “very / not very distant future,” robots, exoskeletons and drones, the scenery of the Great War could be a breath of fresh air for those who, like me, you want something or something more simple and realistic.

And now, under the gun Mauser ubiquitous “Harlem Knight,” I will proceed to a single campaign, with pathos and pomp were advertised Electronic Arts in its numerous trailers.

Review of the Battlefield 1

politically correct war

Until recently it was believed that the Battlefield series and deeply researched, or at least a fascinating story completely incompatible things.

The main competitor in the face of Call of Duty has long been making strides toward plot-based militants, though in some places it looks uncertain, and at times ridiculous.

Nevertheless, of Activision are increasingly invited to its annual blockbuster Hollywood stars use though cliched, but still working methods of film directing, and fantasy writers have worked, though not in every game of the series. And what could answer that DICE?

Previous part of the headline Hardline had to refresh the show, to prove that the beautiful explosions and excellent sound can only be a welcome addition to the basis of the game – tightly knit story about cops and criminals, though not devoid of cinematic clichés.

In fact, we got a pretty bland and sad attempts at film category “B”, where the characters does not cause sympathy, and empathy events could only be in the event that began with Hardline and your familiarity with the game industry.

At this time DICE again managed to intrigue the gaming community, moving away from local conflicts and focusing on the First World War events. Will it have? Let’s investigate.

Review of the Battlefield 1

From the outset, the developers give us the right choice: immediately after the epic, without exaggeration, the prologue of “hell fighters Harlem” storming the Western Front, we can start discovering the campaign by selecting one of the five heroes who are howling around the theater of military operations first world.

Here we are destined events Gallipoli operation, the battle in the Dolomites, guerrilla attacks against the Ottoman army led by Lawrence of Arabia – in short, this time DICE tried to make the story campaign as a possible variability. Among other things, to the charge of each story the main character, on whose behalf and will be carried out narrative.

Authors often try to make the plot Battlefield 1 dramatic and more chamber. It turns out this is false, and some of the events and at all can be predicted long before their graduation. The characters do not want to empathize with, and what kind of whatever depth and can not speak.

Review of the Battlefield 1

The same things and events of realism, on the basis of which allegedly created the mission. For example, the Great Arab Revolt was truly the place to be in the history of the First World War, as well as the identity of Lawrence of Arabia.

That’s just the fact of the existence of women warriors of the Bedouin tribes is very alarming, especially those who are familiar with the memoirs of Sir Lawrence, on the basis of which were recreated some levels of the campaign. But DICE, it seems, is more visible.