“Excalibur wasn’t pulled out of stone” – a fan compiled paradoxes about Dota 2 players

Dota 2 fan made comic paradoxes about professional stage players, including Alexey Solo Berezin, Arthur Arteezy Babaev and Zheng MidOne Yek Naya. He published his list on reddit.

Paradoxes of Dota 2:

  • Midone plays offlane;
  • Solo standing on a line not in solo;
  • UNiVeRsE not expanding;
  • 33 actually 22 [года];
  • Black ^ – white;
  • old chicken – young man;
  • MinD_ContRoL mentally tired;
  • Excalibur not pulled out of stone;
  • Arthur[[Arteezy]couldn’t pull the sword out of the stone because it was stuck on a cliff.

In the comments to the post, other Dota 2 fans decided to add to the list:

  • UNiVeRsE just expanded from the “three” to the “four”;
  • iceiceice hot enough;
  • No[o]ne really is someone;
  • Topson actually the father of midlane;
  • Fly can’t fly.