Ubisoft will fight harassment with anonymous denunciations

Earlier company Ubisoft apologized to her audience for being at the center of the second wave of the traffic scandal #MeToo. Sexual Harassment Charges Sent to Creative Director Assassin’s creed To Ashraf Ismail, Product and Brand Marketing Manager at Ubisoft toronto Andrien Gbinigi and a number of other senior employees.

The publisher said that management failed to create a “safe space” for employees and promised to reform. The correction, apparently, is that the company decided to adapt the practice of denunciations.

An online system is being developed through which employees can anonymously complain about offenders. It will start functioning in July.

In addition, a disciplinary working group will be created to deal with conflict resolution. An audit of internal structures will also be organized, and top managers will undergo special trainings on inclusiveness and diversity.

However, questions immediately arise about what will happen to the atmosphere in the workplace when your colleague is a potential scammer. Recall that after the first wave of #MeToo, some companies developed an unhealthy atmosphere when male employees are afraid to just be in the same room with a female colleague.

The second wave of accusations, which swept the film and video game industry, is characterized by the fact that now a person can be blamed for anything. So, recently an actress Anne Hathaway complained that the director Christopher Nolan supposedly forbids actors to sit on the set.


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