Rune II developers who went under the wing of Bethesda returned the game source code to the publisher

November launch of an open-world role-playing game Rune ii was the ember of the impending fire. Shortly after the release of the project, developers from the studio Human Head Studios almost at full strength crossed work under the wing Bethesda softworkswhich formed a division for them Roundhouse studios.

In connection with the change of ownership, the former Human Head team was no longer engaged in further development Rune ii and, in fact, took the source code of the game with her. Needless to say, the publisher of the project Ragnarok Game LLC was not happy with the situation, because for Rune ii Long post-release support was planned. Subsequently, this forced the company to file a hundred-million-dollar lawsuit against the former founders of Human Head, demanding that they transfer all the resources necessary to support the game.

But now, apparently, the situation has moved off the ground, as the publisher Ragnarok said that it now has at its disposal the source code of Rune II, which will allow you to start working on much-needed add-ons for the game.

“At the end of last week, we received a hard drive with source code and Rune II assets. With the help of engineers, we checked the completeness of the materials and made sure that all the necessary files are on the hard drive. We have now developed an environment for compilation, testing and staging. After after we confirm the ability to make a complete assembly of the current version of Rune II (.12L), we will begin to work on creating a patch that is designed to eliminate the main critical problems, bugs, and we will optimize what we were informed about within a month and a half. before, I want to say thank you for staying with us and is a fan of Rune II “.

But does this mean that the dispute between Ragnarok and Human Head is now settled? No matter how. According to the publisher, the multimillion-dollar lawsuit is still valid.

“Currently, the Ragnarok Game LLC team’s top priority is supporting Rune 2 and assessing whether all Ragnarok property has been returned. Nothing has been decided in the legal field yet.”

Rune II was released on November 12 last year on the PC in the digital store Epic Games Store.

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