Actor Keiji Fujiwara dies in Japan – Renault’s voice from Final Fantasy VII Remake

Last week April 12, at the age of 55, the voice actor died Keiji fujiwara. This was reported today by the Japanese press..

According to published data, he passed away after a long battle with cancer. Fujiwara was an actor of a fairly wide profile and managed to give his voice to countless characters in various animated films, series and video games. He also took part in scoring foreign films in Japanese. For example, it was he who played the role Tony stark, which did not part with throughout the history of the cinema Marvel.

Of the significant roles of the actor, you can note the character Maesa Hughes from anime adaptations of manga Fullmetal alchemist and Leorio a series Hunter x hunter. In turn video game fans may well know Keiji Fujiwara by roles in Square Enix publishing projects, including Renault from compilation Final Fantasy VII, Ardina Izunia in Final Fantasy XV and Axel from the universe Kingdom Hearts. The artist’s latest work published to date can be considered a fresh release. Final Fantasy VII Remakewhere Fujiwara last voiced the character of Renault.

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