The publisher of Rune II managed to return the source code and the assets of the game – review

Representatives of the publishing house Ragnarok game reported that the company was finally able to return assets and source code Rune iithey demanded through court from former game developers from the studio Human head.

Now the Ragnarok Game team will check the integrity of all files and create a build of the current version of the game, and then begin work on a patch that will fix critical errors and bugs, as well as improve optimization.

Recall that the day after the release of Rune II, developers from Human Head announced the closure of the studio and the transfer of the entire team to a new company under the leadership of Bethesda Roundhouse studios. Then the publisher of the news said that he learned about it along with all the news.
As a result, the Ragnarok Game formed its own team, which will support the game, and later sued the former Rune II developers, accusing those of fraud and withholding the source code and assets of the project.