Review Vampyr

Studio DONTNOD Entertainment can surprise with vampyr.

First they released a truly amazing Remember Me, which, with a mediocre combat system.

Captivated by the opportunity to play the role of a far from the most pleasant person,and begin to empathize with it.

The game was remembered, as well as the subsequent story of Life is Strange, which already really stirred up the gaming community.

Therefore, putting aside possible sequels, the development team began work on a completely new game in a new genre for themselves.

After the action and adventure we got a full role-playing game, plunging us into the gloomy atmosphere of the London disease.

In this place, where there is almost no hope and there is absolutely no hint of something bright and good, the events of the game unfold with the self-titled name Vampyr.

The game sets the tone already in the first minutes.

They were asked not to spoil during the closed presentation in France.

And not for nothing – despite the fact that by screenshots and carefully verified video from the developers you can make some impression about the game.

A real understanding of what will happen next, is formed exactly in the first minutes.

After that, only the atmosphere is pumped up and brought to a level when it does not slide into some kind of indecent circus, but simply keeps it tense.

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Given that the game takes place for a couple of dozen hours, and not in the evening – this achievement alone is worth a lot.

Games in which it will be interesting to follow the history until the very end, do not go out as often as it seems.


The protagonist, having returned from the war, finds himself in London, struck by some incomprehensible disease, from which all people suffer.

Infected, they die literally in the streets, and at the same time various creatures wander between houses, not only literally but also figuratively.

Religious fanatics who decided to fire the city with spears and bullets from evil spirits.

No better than those who are drunk with blood and decaying on the move vampires.

Who are ready to tear to pieces anyone who appears in their field of vision. A former blood specialist.

Dr. Reed, who is also the protagonist, becomes a vampire, but can not understand and take this side of his new life.

He is trying to realize his new position in society, find a cure and make the right choice. But will he succeed?

This question is asked at the very beginning of the story.

But at the same time very quickly you realize that the game does not please you with a choice of black and white,.

Constantly forcing you to be guided by the principle of lesser Evil.

You can not, if you are practically not controlling yourself as a bloodsucker in the middle of an epidemic, to stay clean and white.

You must always make some decisions, and you are very quickly dropped from heaven to earth and explained intelligibly that the usual logical arguments do not work here.

Because if you do not speak the language of spoilers, letting go of some intended victim .

Does not mean doing well at all. After all, who knows what will happen in the future?

Is that the writers who do not want to make life easier for the player, or even for those who make reviews.


Vampyr from the first minute unequivocally tells the gamer that for every choice you have to answer.

The player is given 3 slots to save different passes, but the system of saving itself is not there -checkpoints work themselves.

And in case of the death of the main character the game simply loads the nearest checkpoint.

Arranged points correctly, just a couple of times to the place of death you have to run for more than a minute.

But somehow to predict the choice and survive to see another version of the development of events, does not work.

We have to live with every decision taken.

Is that the pumping of the hero is allowed to cancel and distribute the ability again.

But on the plot your choice does not affect – only on the fighting style.

Passage in this case is also based on various limiting mechanics.

For example, we can eat any key plot story, having gained a lot of experience.

But in order to first subordinate it to your will, and then to lead somewhere into the darkness at the feast, you need to take into account the level of stability of each character – for all it was set initially.

But for the main character, the level rises only during the passage of key game moments.

And no matter how much you like, it’s not possible to gobble up a character with level 5 stability.

Gaving just 3 levels of impact, the game simply does not allow it.

Thus, providing yourself a strong rear, because once you devour all and immediately do not give.

Then without the key, moving the story line of the characters you will not remain.


Everyone will want to drink blood very quickly.

The experience recruitment system is based on the fact that in battle you get only crumbs of treasured XP.

A small amount is given for side tasks, for killing bosses and completing key missions give out a decent boost.

But there are too many characters in the characters surrounding the hero.

The temptation to subjugate and devour some is very great – experience gives a lot, and the character is unpleasant.

And there is nothing to communicate with him.

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Why not drink his blood and get a valuable thing, weapon or key from a pocket in a closed location?

Although this will affect the reputation and life in the area.

But to ensure that at least someone, but gobble, push you all the time – enemies above you level almost constantly.

Experience at first is not enough, closed chests contain valuable things for pumping .

To get the maximum amount of experience from each counter, you need to communicate with him, collect dirt on him, find out rumors, open all branches of dialogues, perform side tasks.

Then cure him of the disease, and then you will get the maximum boost XP and pumping.

Interestingly, every night that you spend on the bed, the situation in the city worsens.

The characters begin to get sick with new diseases (if you do not cure them).

Some even go further in the global story.

Everything is changing, and it seems that the system is collapsing around you, although your hero has not even made a step yet.


In fact, the recipe for overcoming the crisis is simple – you need to carry a pack of medicines and distribute them to the right and left.

Even if you play out a bloodsucker, a scumbag who does not care about others.

Then without such drugs, it will be very difficult.

At least because all the areas of London are rolling into the abyss very quickly.

And the worse the situation, the more difficult it is to walk the streets.

Appear frenzied bloodsuckers, rushing at all indiscriminately.

And hunters, who even when you have a  may sweat.

And since experience for fighting, as I said, give very little.

Then you just spend too much time on moving from point A to point B, which starts to irritate.

Therefore, supporting life and health in characters, delving into their problems and dealing with them, you not only facilitate your life as a whole, but you also raise a resource that can then be consumed. If such a desire arises.

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She constantly surprises, and often unpleasant.

And someone from carefully nurtured characters, whom you have long identified for slaughter.

And someone you already ate, suddenly suddenly will not play a key role and derail the story line.

Everything happens, and to see different options, you need to go through the game from the very beginning.


The combat system in the game is not bad, but I will not risk calling it ideal either.

A small number of attacks, a limited arsenal of weapons (the main thing is better to pump, exhibiting properties for drinking blood during the battle, so as not to remain without blood for spells, side is better to poke into the stun).

A small enough number of spells. In fact, you choose between 1 ability to deal damage often and one ultimatum ability to deal a lot of damage or control, and then pump it all into the trees you need.

There are abilities, like a shield, the ability to quickly jump to the goal.

There are generally the most common – health, stamina.

So, with the seeming variety, already at 15-20 level you will have a final build that will completely satisfy your requests.

And then you will simply increase the damage indicators in it, pumping abilities further.

And the weapons themselves, too.

An interesting mechanics here is one – the mechanics of stunning.

Every enemy you meet will immediately have a small scale for stunning.

A pair of bullets or several blows with a blunt object is enough for the enemy to fall for a couple of seconds.

And you can devour him, inflicting damage, healing and replenishing the blood supply.

But when the enemy gets up, his stunning dial will grow and you will need to inflict 4 instead of 2.

Is a boss, much higher than you, or able to restore health, then it will be harder and harder to deafen it.

To do this, you need to have a weapon in your arsenal with blood collection.

So as not to be without treatment, shields and everything else.

Or the blood-sucking ability to study in advance, and use it in combat.


But still DONTNOD would not be themselves if the whole game was smooth and steep from the beginning to the very end.

As I said before, I managed to play in Vampyr at the beginning of the year.

An unpleasant surprise might be waiting.

So it happened – the first hour keeps enough tension, then the second chapter goes.

Losing the necessary heat of passion and teaching you all the mechanics.

And only after that the game starts to fully unfold.

That is, a couple of hours, when you can even get a little bored, you have to endure – and it may not like everyone.

Yes, I’m not talking about an interesting first hour, as it turned out.

I was the only one who killed the first boss at the presentation.

That it is necessary to fold and finish the presentation – this I already found out quite recently.

You can run through what we went through 2 hours, much faster.

Yes, and you can kill a character level 10 higher than the hero.

Though he will still be killing your hero for 1 hit.

But if you evade the attacks and know all the phases of the battle, you will still be the winner.

The PC version of Vampyr looks really nice. Dark London, inhabited by different creatures.

Who even hunt for our hero, looks amazing. It is a small city in the midst of an epidemic.

To be in it and interesting, and uncomfortable.

There are many things that work for the atmosphere, which really impress.

So the screenshots and videos are not lying at all.

But facial animation is fairly clumsy, there are not so many models of opponents.

And system requirements are not the lowest – there are flaws, but they do not spoil the overall impression.

English voice of the pre-release version is excellent, the music is also chic.

The interface to the amateur seems to me somewhat archaic. During the passage of technical problems with the game did not arise.


In a dry residue, Vampyr has lived up to my expectations and is definitely the game I’ll go through at least once again.

Putting the accents differently and collecting another crop from the corpses.

The game swings for a long time, but when it opens for real.

You do not want to leave it until the very end.

Quality games about vampires, with a rich lore and an interesting story.

Has recently come out very little, and so it seems to me that all the fans of these vampire stories.

And not the sugary melodramas of the Twilight, Vampyr will seem at least interesting.