Life Is Strange’s review: Before The Storm

 Life is strange before the storm review

There are things you would never want to end. Raise your hand who, at the time of the publication of the fifth and final episode of Life Is Strange , was indifferent, with conscience and sentiments in place.


Or who was quiet after finishing the second of the three episodes of Before The Storm, with that final “revelation”. Liars. And now the story repeats itself: the events of Chloe Price and Rachel Amber find their conclusion.


And, regardless of your choices, the grand finale will never be just sad or just happy, otherwise it would not be able to do justice to the human “drama” that underlies the whole series. But basically it’s the mix of mixed feelings, not only in the characters but also in the player, which helped make the title so famous, in such a short time.


Maybe it’s a coincidence, but the titles of the three episodes of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm are perfectly connected. It is not just a question of numerical or semantic progression, the attempt to assign labels that in some way make sense. On a deep level, they manage to go hand in hand with the evolution of the characters, of almost everyone, of the changes in the game world and the unfolding of events, which continue to precipitate until the final climax.


Wake up showed a Chloe grappling with a reality that no longer recognizes her, because of the inner conflicts over the death of her father, and outward for a new family that feels hers; but it was also Rachel’s awakening, from the fiction in which he had thrown his life. Il Mondo Nuovo, title of the  before the storm episode 2


A sort of hell, in short: but as the last chapter of the prequel trilogy tells us, Hell is Empty. It is empty because it is us who fill it, it is the characters, with their very existence and with their actions. Perhaps it is difficult to accept, but behind the concepts of Life Is Strange there is a vision of reality very often disenchanted, up to some extreme in pessimism.

Life Is Strange's review: Before The Storm is Hell

And perhaps, groundless, the title of the third episode also gives you an idea of ​​where the director is going. We do not want to make spoilers of any kind, nor anticipate anything at all to the players, but in short … you remember, no, how was the second episode?

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Now the path traced goes in that direction: digging more and more into the past of Rachel Amber, a character so important that in the first Life Is Strange there was not time to investigate.

Chloe and Rachel are filmed together in a photobooth, a photo of which will find Max. One of these photos Rachel put on the call of Chloe.

April 22, 2013. On the phone Rachel 17 missed calls. Chloe continuously calls to him. The phone rests on the developing table in the basement of Prescott’s barn, and behind the scenes Nathan Prescott’s footsteps and the shutter sounds of the camera are audible …

The narration becomes much more tense and fast, so fast that the chapter seems shorter than the previous ones, but without really being: we are as always in the context of about a couple of hours of play (going quietly) to complete it. The overall quality can only be enhanced.

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The first two chapters had a few tired moments, let’s face it: situations in which you had to waste time in the various environments to do futile things, filler to counteract the most excited situations and dedicated purely to the narration.

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All right, such moments have always been there, but rather than moving for the umpteenth time in a landfill looking for objects or in Chloe’s room, for once the narrative sequences are the master, with more dialogues and choices than ever.


Speaking of choices, we are sorry to be anxious but it is time to deal with your past actions.The way in which you have decided to act in Wake up and in The New World will have consequences from the beginning, changing the way the secondary characters will turn to you, and also other actions you can do. Starting from a certain amount of money you may have decided to keep for yourself, or to return it to the rightful owner.


Sometimes it’s very easy, once again, to know what to do to be good guys. Other times no. Absolutely not. As for some choices regarding the family of Rachel, on all the final decision of the season.


A point also in favor of the almost unique session dedicated to the exploration of the rooms, in one of the rooms of Casa Amber. The way the developers decided to make us behave by looking for objects, and then using them in one of the most intense and crucial points of the before the storm episode 3, it’s really interesting.