Orlandino’s Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation

People have different attitudes to those who spend their time and money on online games. Someone thinks their “quiet lunatics” who throw crazy grandmother in the wind (while saying to himself, “it would be better they gave me,

I would have propyl”), someone shrugs, saying that every fun as he likes someone calls to ban anything and everything under the guise of “this vice, all the evil from them, out – enough of a schoolboy and made a fire in the school!” and someone he is playing and having fun communicating with like-minded people.

"Clan wars."  Orlandino's Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation“Clan wars.” Orlandino’s Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation

The author of the latter, but if you need to choose – to ride with friends on bikes, to go with his wife and child for a walk in the park or sit at the computer, because “in the same tower!” Of course, the choice will be in favor of real life. But if the alternative “go thump, Sedna is pyatnitstso!” Will drive a toy, of course, I will choose an MMO.

So it was in the morning at work, there was nothing (that is, what was, but not especially desirable).

Soul demanded entertainment, and conscience gnawed angrily saying: “You’ve got three more companies to retraining employees go tomorrow!”.

While external Hard Zalman quietly rustled his iron guts, flooding the system image on another computer, I checked the mail. One of the annoying advertising windows by accident was not killed in the bud adblokom and was hit by a mouse click.

So what to do – in front of me opened another “netlenki ‘regular advertising. However, quite correctly and beautifully decorated without vyrviglaznyh titles such as “you will be shocked by …”.

"Clan wars."  Orlandino's Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation“Clan wars.” Orlandino’s Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation

And most importantly, what attracted attention was the mention of the clans that have already been created in the game – Orlandino’s Family and “Family Orlandinos”.

My feelings at that moment were the same as that of checking in “Ratatouille,” the same name dine dish “like my mother back in childhood.” God, how much time has passed!

But once I spent hours online, developing together with friends your gaming clan. We tried to stay in the tops, Donati met in person, communicating … But gradually, the creators of the game have become too “eat much,” that is simply zazhralis online fell, the former was no longer fun, and the project was abandoned. And now – a painful sense of nostalgia.

Debate with his conscience were short-lived. As a result of agreements reached gentlemen she was taken in a fraction of the soul, and the corporate net, almost wincing at the new rules on the firewall has become quite voluminous digest slowly distribution. Two hours to eat! Whatever else to do? Exactly! I read forum.

"Clan wars."  Orlandino's Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation“Clan wars.” Orlandino’s Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation

Bummer number one. Some of the inmates of the barracks “effective managers» of Mail.ru void sumnyashesya imagines himself to God, firmly setting the framework for the formation of nicknames.

You are no underscores and other foreign abominations! Look what udumali, dare to call themselves as accustomed! Nechay, here you are here! Only letters and numbers, CBSA denied, and generally only three caps and Russian E & Y to exclude! Who does not like – go away, go here all sorts, then spoon disappear!

It’s a shame. Reluctantly reduced nickname and registered. Bummer number two: closed beta test for the access you need to buy a set. With this problem is just not there: receiving SMS type “from your account written off …” pushed cherished button “PLAY”.

Well, at least here idiotic rules for nicknames were not, entered his well-deserved nickname, which has not changed for 29 years, in bystrenkomu cooked Persian and went into a toy.

Details of the closed beta will not describe: bugs there was a lot more than fun, but “hooked”, and a little toad strangling set for early access. Therefore, chewing the cactus, I was looking forward to the open release. I waited.

Bummer number three: early I was pleased that it was possible to enter your favorite permanent nickname. After the closed beta test was a natural wipe (complete removal of information from the servers – editor’s note) , and the same yellow fish, which imposed restrictions on nicknames, have reached the same with their dirty little hands before the game client.

Timid questions users of the forum, “How is it that prohibit what worked and did not stop,” went unanswered. As the saying goes, if you want to amass a deadly enemy – constantly call the person a false name and ignore his comments on this matter.

Bravo guys did it for you! Such blatant hatred and the desire for someone to strangle me for a long time nobody called. So before you put yourself at least something more from the MailI now think a hundred times. And I doubt that the choice will be in their favor. Vindictive, I know.

"Clan wars."  Orlandino's Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation“Clan wars.” Orlandino’s Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation

However, it’s small private obidki. “Roar” was so good that it could not spoil any bugs and glitches PTA, manages to “put” Core i7 with 32 gigs of memory “on board” to BSoD simple call bought for NSD mount “Cloud Cat” or sloppy translations and incorrect describe things or other little things.

Here is what to do or where to turn, any business will find to their liking. And most importantly – it is indeed a game of commands! A loner, accustomed to “bend” all and all, it’s not going to survive.

Rather, it may survive, if you buy the game once with servers (including Chinese) and programmers, or will throw it in the amount comparable to the annual budget of some “banana republic.” Otherwise – no way. Something that can be directly purchased for real, is limited, and everything else can and should produce only by gaming.

Well, or buying at auction in more fortunate players (hello Exchange sharks). And if you can not play for your class, no cool clothes will not help to win against a well-organized and skilled team. And this – the main advantage of the game, its main “trick”.

I had a significant advantage over many: I was originally in the guild – “Family Orlandinos”.

They are the ones who will help advice and experience of the game, hold on a complex Danjou (dungeon with particularly valuable awards – Ed), Will give the necessary rags (but still spent on it to make it transmit), to answer stupid questions, without sending you somewhere “forum” on the principle of “on and back off” and give a specific reference to a competent and comprehensible guide, in which information will be 100% and zero water.

Because revise the so-called “training video” length of 10-15 minutes instead of 1-2 to read a paragraph of text – it’s not me, it’s to the Ad Eaters.

Otherwise … otherwise you just overwhelmed by an information tree, and you will either drown or will be there to flounder and fail to understand how is it: are you still a sword waving learn, and someone has already run in the top-end armor and polpinka wets bosses who you do not what to kill, you can not scratch in any way!

"Clan wars."  Orlandino's Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation“Clan wars.” Orlandino’s Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation

Revelation – it is difficult for a competent character development game. Or rather, not so. Revelation – it is very difficult for a competent character development game. In fact, this mini-life, with all the attendant. For thousands of items, each of which is for something needed and used. Hundreds of recipes for these same items. Dozens of factions, each of which will earn you a reputation. Several kinds of different currencies, each of which only a limited number of items can be purchased. Profession. Friendship and intimacy that can and must be developed to create a virtual family, and then another, and to prove the strength of their marriage. Boevka not based on the banal “zaklikaet them all to death,” or “one ping faster and sneakers,” a thought-provoking and apply skills at a time, to get the maximum effect of the combo. Well virtuoso mouse and keyboard, so far without it!

Of course, much can be learned “educated bet”, but it will cost you a total of a month or two real life, spent almost nothing. Or rather impressive amount of money that you throw on a completely unnecessary (as it turned out) the things sent to the smelter or the analysis of a couple of days after creation. So if you already have experience in the MMORPG, is well know, the experience he’s XP, there is evil the evil, and stupid it hapanie for mindless raise no character development in terms of abilities / skills / equipment naturally leads to the creation of a fat useless piece meat. Well, and then to restart or leaving the project. So my advice to you: read the instructions! This is very useful.

"Clan wars."  Orlandino's Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation“Clan wars.” Orlandino’s Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation

But with the quests here … not a lot. No, they certainly are, and even, as promised developers bleeding here “no grind”. Yeah, of course! Well, tell me, is something I do not understand? What is the difference “not grind” -kvesty such as “Bring me 10 pairs of Cheburashka’s ears, then another 25, and of 50 for the third time and received the” donut hole “” from the “grind” like “Death Shapoklyak old women! Kill them 250 times and get unwanted prize to anyone? ” And there, and there – a waste of time, and no matter how advertising assures the opposite – “I do not believe it!”.

However, here and without a dull “Bring – Bring – go here, do not bother me” has something to do. Mini-bosses are quite a few, but to pump zadrotstvo, sitting for days on end in the game, will not work: the number of times through each dungeon is limited. In addition … In addition to helping new players in “training” mode! And it is – yet another huge “plus sign” of the game. Because even if you have realized that he had become fat and fat “meat”, a tasty morsel in PvP for those who pumped better, still can be corrected without the restart of the game: simple enough for beginners to help pass the test. As a reward you will receive a so-called “black reputation,” for which you can then buy items needed for pumping. Simple and elegant. Khayyam (high-level characters – Ed) there is always something to do (well, until the newcomers end, anyway), kids can profitably spend their playing time, and in the end everyone is happy.

"Clan wars."  Orlandino's Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation“Clan wars.” Orlandino’s Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation

For the rest, it’s a team effort. My advice to novices: Look for the team! On what basis will you generate it, I will not advise, but just keep in mind: “universal gidrosoldat airmobile infantry cavalry armored troop Fleet ‘does not exist. All trades are necessary and important – and “tanks”, and fighters, and support characters. Different mobs and bosses require different tactical approaches, and simply more fun to play together. Especially if at the same time to chat in the “voice”.

When you are mentally prepared to join a large team, welcome to the Guild! Worries added, in the list of daily quests will be added to the mini-quests for the construction and development of its own base. In return, you get points contribution to the guild, which can safely be spent on the development and strengthening of character. And the bonus is not weak at all, I assure you! We, in the “Eagles” already turn to perform certain tasks formed and points contribution is sorely lacking.

"Clan wars."  Orlandino's Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation“Clan wars.” Orlandino’s Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation

Well, the crown of the game – PvP. Sooner or later you will come to this. And here without the Guild of nowhere. Because fill the desired number of murders and earn the required number of “Points of glory» (aka Honor) except in mass kneading work. Somewhere on YouTube was a video, which was given to the calculation – to earn a top armor of course, possible. “Crab” 4 hours daily, from 10 months (49 level) to 18 years (79). As the saying goes, volunteers step forward!

In good guilds and alliances (some Guild, concluded a friendly alliance) all joint activities properly organized and managed, as a rule, in a voice (TeamSpeak, etc.). Otherwise, you just do not come to take for one two-hour siege of a few hundred murders, tease the top three guilds with a disproportionately large number of strong parties, packs putting their bodies in a pile in the attack and capture of yet unnecessary fortress, then to a battle “go nicely” and hold at the same time your own castle. Our Alliance is doing. So if you’re still undecided – Welcome to the Family! ” Orlandinos “, of course. “Atum” server.

Sadly, of course, because of the lag of the game servers massive fights so far look like a slide show, and wins just yet, “zerg attack” and not competent distribution targets in PvP “pure”. all is well on Chinese servers – hope that the localized version will soon be working as it should.

"Clan wars."  Orlandino's Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation“Clan wars.” Orlandino’s Family: hardcore look at MBT Revelation

And finally – the notorious “free” games. Advertising and marketing phrase “you can download” pretty crammed on edge, and as for the free-to-play … I hope all the people here are adults and are well aware that “free” any online game is all it seems, and Revelationis no exception. In any case, you will pay for the game – and his time to be spend on “zadrotstvo”, or direct infusion of money. How much to spend on entertainment everyone decides for himself, but I do not think the amount of several hundred rubles a month “unaffordable”. Just figure out how much you spend per month on cigarettes or drink, for example. And to draw conclusions. By purchasing a premium account with additional options to play a much more comfortable, and the daily and weekly bonuses are a nice addition. And if someone would point out to you that you are “Fu donater!” Politely send the answer: “I am – not donater I – philanthropist. And online games – it’s art “( -PiTTi- sorry for plagiarism your motto).