Hyrule Warriors Legends

Meta-story in the main parts of the “Zelda” has remained unchanged for 30 years, and in Hyrule Warriors Legends of him, too, did not depart. Again, a simple guy named Link accidentally saves in distress Princess Zelda.

That again recognize in him the reincarnation of the legendary hero, and again entrusts to save the kingdom of Hyrule terrible threat.

During his epic adventures of Link as usual seeking powerful artifacts (well, this time it closes portals), brings together the magic Trifors receives Master Sword and defeats of the main villain.

And as always, make this game unique details, atmosphere and charismatic characters, together with “special trick” make the classic story to flourish with new colors.

“Special trick” was not turning into a wolf ( Twilight Princess ) or a folk album of magical melodies of Ocarina of Time, and the modified gameplay and complicated combat system.

Exploring the world and puzzles in the dungeons here gave way to epic battles. But while the creators have retained the most important elements of the classic “Zelda” that behind the facade of dynamic fights fans were still able to recognize the beloved fairy tale about a princess and a hero in the green cap.

Canonical plot elements remain intact, as well as other recognizable elements such as a trio of giant bosses or arsenal of special weapons (bow, bombs, boomerang, ocarina, and so on).

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Rollers between missions delight both animation and directing, and on the 3DS is not often seen.

Despite the fact that the game is a hodgepodge of references and characters of different parts, Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have tried over the plot.

They introduced interesting new villains with distinct – albeit in a naive fairytale – motivation and turned the story so that spilled this time in a full-scale war conflict looked organically.

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The game is played in places of military glory of Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess, briefly touching the most important milestones in the confusing timeline series.

This solution has obvious marketing side. Ocarina came out in the reprint on the 3DS a couple of years ago, Twilight Princess received HD-remake on Wii U at the beginning of March, and Skyward Sword in the near future should appear on the “virtual console» Wii U.

Nintendo arrives as a smiling Abkhazian market: “Ah, my dear, try to Mandarin!” – and here you are going away with a kilogram of mandarins, apples and grapes, but came for tomatoes. So here:

“I saw that you liked the dark tones of the Twilight of the kingdom? Please, now, we have just about got this game! ”

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I can not say that such an approach is detrimental to the integrity of the story and history. On the contrary, those who have played in these issues, is pleased to return to their favorite worlds.

Those who have not yet had a chance to visit them survive very informative guided tour through the most significant locations and get acquainted with the brightest characters.

All in the game 32 unique hidden hero of which opens on the plot. Some will have to look into the test mode. Traveling to different times and byways Hyrule, you take a team of fans favorite characters like Twilight Princess Midna, the spirit of the Heavenly Sword Fai or Goron-warrior Darun.

A small spoiler. Hyrule Warriors Legends gives play for both sides, so that the list includes both positive and negative characters, including the king himself Ganondorfa demons (the main enemy of Link).

Several missions in the shoes of registered villains allow you to see the war from their perspective and better understand their simple, but in his own curious nature.

Hyrule Warriors Legends does not waste time on foreplay and overtures. Immediately after the introductory video game throws you straight to hell fierce battle between the garrison of the Royal Castle and besiege his hordes of monsters. Here Link picks up a sword and infinite (literally) is an army of monsters in the minority.

The fact that the game was created for the sake of gameplay, it is clear from the first minute. First, the story served very unobtrusive.

In history there is a pair of emotional moments and intriguing twists and turns, but it is clear that the rollers are likely to justify the cycle of struggles. Secondly, the gameplay in Hyrule Warriors is incredibly rapid, intense emotions of the game overflowing.

Paradoxically, at the same time it has a relaxing, giving vent to emotions and allows escape from the problem. So with their tasks the new portable “Zelda” copes perfectly.

In many ways, this drive comes from a stunning soundtrack. Several songs from it I have no delay added to your playlist. Classical motifs “Zelda” combined with aggressive guitar riffs and drum set makes the heart beat faster. This rhythm introduces the player in combat trans, in which battle the chaos on the other side of the tiny screen becomes an unexpected size and importance. Perception gaming convention fades into the background, there is only rapture fight and adrenaline from the destruction of thousands of enemies.

Of course, if you look at Hyrule Warriors Legends out of context, it is difficult to be impressed. Just cardboard dolls are scattered in different directions, and scattered for precious stones, and powerful enemy generals surrender, beaten to a pulp rootless boy in a green hat.

In general, the gameplay looks like this: on the field of battle is scattered several forts, distributed between two (rarely three) armies. Some of them stand in the way certain parts of the map, while others are closed and opened in the course of battle. Forts produce soldiers, so the more you have strong points (and, accordingly, less of the enemy), the better you live.

But forts capture and destruction of endless enemies are not the key to victory. Each story card has a battle plan in which you need to perform various tasks: from capture and destruction of enemy forts elite to extinguish fires and fights with giant bosses. It is thanks to the variety of tasks and battle turn out to be dissimilar, they do not get bored.

But boring is that the game is clamoring for tactical planning and team play, and do whatever is necessary to end up. In the three different parts of the battlefield were saboteurs and need to get rid of them quickly? Come to understand themselves: feeble and stupid fellow soldiers and not lift a finger for the sake of the kingdom of good.

Even despite the fact that the available characters, you can give instructions, without the help of the player, they can neither apply powerful combo nor detract important goals. The maximum that I was able to get them – get them to come to the specified point and quietly wait for me to finish their business on one end of the map and switch to some of them, not to run across the location for a new job.