In a previous article about Heroes of Might and Magic III, we talked about how to set up a client to play on the Internet and try our hand at a match with real rivals. This time we selected interesting custom maps that you can enjoy offline.





In the community of “heroes” the coolness of a map is often determined by its complexity. The harder and more painful the passage is given, the higher this card is appreciated among fans. Our list includes both “tormentors of players” and “plot”, the charm of which lies in an interesting setting.


Xiedu from the Chinese mapmaker Season is rightfully considered one of the most hardcore cards for the third “Heroes”. Many players put it on the first line in personal charts (unless, of course, they manage to get through it). The battles on Xiedu are not just difficult – they are real tactical puzzles. To solve them, players will need an accurate calculation of moves, as well as knowledge of all the combat nuances and mechanics of interactions with units. You will have to be smart not only on the battlefield, but also on the global map – get ready to solve puzzles, flee, lure opponents into a territory convenient for battle and use all kinds of tricks to achieve victory.

Unknown hero
Unknown hero:

“This is the most challenging map I’ve ever played. I had to use a step-by-step guide to get through, but even so, it gave me a lot of trouble. I put the card 10 points out of 10, but I will never start it again, because it looks more like a final math exam than a game. ”

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Jedi strikes back

Jedi Strikes Back – another “toughie” from the Chinese map makers. This card can be found in two versions – standard and with Iron Man Edition. The difference between them is in the launch sites and their protection. Jedi Strikes Back will appeal to those who were able to cope with Xiedu. Here you are also waiting for a very tight binding to the timings and high requirements for an individual skill. The passage is complicated by artificial restrictions from the developer. For example, a full or partial ban of certain spells, the inability to use standard tactics with stacked arrows, or the combination of “Cloning” + “Resurrection”. In addition, most of the map will have to be played with the help of the Archdeevils as the main striking force, which is very unusual for this type of custom map.


Metataxer’s revenge

Metataxer’s Revenge is a cult map created by the creative duo of mapmakers Nautilus and frifix. Like Xiedu, it will surely bring you pain and suffering, but if you pass it, you will get indescribable pleasure. To win on this map you need to defeat the quest mob, which in itself does not pose any threat to the player, but it is incredibly difficult to get to it.

The empire of the world ii

The Empire of the World II – the legendary map from the mapmaker Darklod. At the center of this story is the Roman warrior Maximus, who survived the shipwreck, wakes up on an unnamed shore and is now looking for a way home. The map is made in the style of classic RPGs – as the story progresses, the player will open up new opportunities. This is not the most difficult map, but at one time it became a model for other map makers, and now it has completely gained the status of a cult.

Many heroes praise The Empire of the World II for a detailed rendering of the world, as well as skillfully hidden secret moves and a large number of interesting “secrets”. Be prepared that its passage may stretch for many months …



Rincewind’s Paragon is perhaps the most popular custom map in the community that every streamer hero has tried to pass at least once. Clever AI opponents and a detailed traced world is not new for such cards, however, the author of Paragon at the same time managed to make an almost perfect balance. Interest also adds that the card has several options for passing, and this applies even to side quests that will not let the player get bored during the main task.

A few years after the original map was released, Paragon 2.0 was released, and now the author is working on the third part, which he called Paragon 3.0 Ultimate Edition. When it comes out is unknown, but Rincewind promised that it will become even more difficult and interesting.


Valley of heroes

Valley of Heroes is an unusual puzzle map from Mapmaker RoseKavalier. The peculiarity of VoH is that the player must have time to pass it in one virtual day. At your disposal will be eight heroes who must perform a certain sequence of actions in order to open the road and help each other. The purpose of the plot is to deliver a magic necklace to the city located in the upper corner of the map. To do this is much more difficult than it seems, because all the activities and moves need to be clearly calculated.

The lord of the rings

During the existence of the game, Heroes of Might and Magic III fans created dozens of custom maps based on The Lord of the Rings by John R. R. Tolkien. The most interesting work on this universe is the Lord of the Rings map from the Bulgarian mapmaker vallex.

The developer tried to make the map convenient for the widest possible audience, so it is not very demanding on the level of the game. Despite this, he managed to convey the canonical plot and weave into it very interesting side-quests. At the time of publication of the material, vallex released four versions of Lord of the Rings, however, experienced “heroes” recommend taking the third one for passing, as there are too many bugs in the fourth.

After completing the passage of Lord of the Rings from vallex, pay attention to the map of the same name from the Russian mapmaker Akronis. It is interesting in that the user can choose which side to play for: go through the campaign for Frodo or set foot on the path of evil and lead the army of Sauron. In each case, the player will face different story tasks – to bring an artifact to a certain place or to capture it.

Game of thrones

The universe of Game of Thrones by writer George Martin is also very popular with mapmakers. During the existence of the third “Heroes” there were several similar cards, and in almost every one of them the plot revolves around the war for the Iron Throne, into which all seven kingdoms of Westeros enter. Franchise fans should definitely try out the Havard TH Game of Thrones card.

Nameless hero
Nameless hero:

“Authenticity is at a good level, even Starks were the first to die :)”.

When the Game of Thrones is completed, we recommend paying attention to A Song of Ice and Fire, created by GronkSmash. These cards do not pretend to be hardcore and are made rather for the aesthetic pleasure of fans so that they can play for their favorite character from books or series.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

An interesting map based on the popular American animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender, released on Nickelodeon in February 2005.

“Water, earth, fire, air … Once upon a time, four peoples lived in peace, but everything changed when the people of fire unleashed a war. Only the Avatar, the lord of all four elements, could stop the invaders, but when the world needed him most, he disappeared … “

You will meet with your favorite characters who will travel on a vast world to learn the magic of the four elements. Like on other “story maps”, you will not find hardcore or difficult fights here. The level of the game fades into the background, inviting the user to enjoy the very story and adventures of the heroes. A good card for relaxation, without unnecessary nerves and headaches. Fans of the animated series will definitely appreciate it.

Harry potter

The Harry Potter map from map maker Aeris Quamarine is a small “heroic adaptation” of the iconic Harry Potter adventure book series. On the map there is a battle of two teams, each of which represents a number of famous characters. On the side of Harry Potter are Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape and other heroes. You have to fight with Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge and a dozen characters in the franchise. The battles will be simple, but interesting – fans of the Potterians should like it.

Most of these maps can be found on the portal. Many of them have different versions, so read the description carefully. Maps can vary both in localizations and in editing bugs, balance, or even plot.

For help in writing the article, the author thanks Konstantin Petenev.