Detroit Become Human

Review of Detroit Become Human

Detroit become human,2038 year. Twenty years ago, the inventor Elijah Kamski made a technological revolution – he founded the Cyberlife corporation and launched the production of androids.

Machines that can hardly be distinguished from a living person were designed to make life easier for people.

Gone are the many professions associated with the routine – loaders, waiters, salesmen, cashiers, security guards, nannies and nurses replaced androids. The city of detroit become human, until then the sick and barely beating heart of the country, blossomed and became the world center of mechanical engineering.

At the same time, however, problems arose. Synthetics robbed thousands of people of work, but Kamski compared all this with the advent of steam engines, which also caused a surge in unemployment. Dissatisfied, however, less did not become.

In addition, androids quickly found application in other places – for example, in brothels.

Then Cyberlife began to satisfy the demand and produce robots to order – an excellent option for introverts or those with whom other people cause fear.

With the car because it’s easier to live – it will not ask unnecessary questions, climb into the soul and do not lie about the headache.

Quantic Dream – perhaps for the first time – has created a well-crafted world.

Frightening, beyond all doubt, but at the same time alive and insanely attractive.

And in the above described background this world does not end: the developers continue to fill it with details until the very end.

With the help of understandable everyday scenes, which the studios always succeeded in the best.

So we learn that unemployed people actually arrange street demonstrations and, on occasion, try to beat some android, musicians playing in the square ask for a couple of coins for “human music with a soul”, and a single father buys a robot girl for his daughter to played the role of mother.

There are also electronic newspapers, where you can learn about the events of the past, news and political situation in the world.

Yes, in Detroit become human civilization is not limited to Detroit – in other countries, too, everything happens: in the north they search for a missing submarine, somewhere the leaders of states blame Russia for something, political scientists predict a third world war, and scientists are preparing to send androids to space.

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Such work with the world is usually expected from games like Deus Ex or Prey, that is, deep RPGs for dozens of hours, and not from “films” by David Cage. Terrific.

Only a strong fantasy story was needed with reflections on whether AI can regain consciousness and, if so, whether humanity is ready to share its planet with another reasonable kind.

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Androids – in general a very difficult topic, and in order to discuss or write a script based on it.

We must first of all answer a lot of important questions for ourselves.

Because you can not think up a story about synthetics, if you do not know what your synths are capable of at all. Here David Cage could not.

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Caution, spoilers

He made two unforgivable mistakes. First, I did not care that good science fiction always works according to strict rules.

If this work is about androids, the author must first give them a definition

Explain what these androids can do and what they can not.

That is why the writer Isaac Azimov formulated three laws of robotics, and when his car violates some law, it becomes the basis for the whole story.

David Cage does not think in terms such as “science fiction” or “AI”, so he does not try to ask for any rules.

So it should not be surprising that the androids in his game EXTREMELY began to love and be sad.

They are people, why not!


Luther, one of the characters Detroit, who recently served his insane master Zlatko and helped him erase the memory of the main heroine,

Then to disassemble it for spare parts, 15 minutes later protects the girl with her breast.

And why did the machine programmed for a particular behavior do it?

Ah, that’s because she could not stand the humiliation of her fellow-androids!

Can we then trust Luther? Of course, Cage believes.

After all, he now BECOME a MAN, in his mechanical head nothing more will be closed, and he will not again tear them all to pieces.

I’m here to quote the events of the game – do not think that any important episode, all explaining, remained behind the scenes, not at all.

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Secondly, David Cage again tried to squeeze a tear, filling the script with stupid skits about drama and suffering.

We, in his opinion, should roar when an unknown android disconnects (dies) or when Kara, the main character, sacrifices herself for the sake of saving the girl.

Well, that is, developers do not even try to remember that most of their characters can replace damaged parts and send further joyfully to walk around the city.

The top of the scenario chaos is the scene with the girl Alice and Cara closer to the final of the game.

The heroine saved the child from her father-addict and then she kept the whole game.

Then it turns out that the girl is also an android, but Kara chose not to notice it.

Because it is important for her any life – cars and people.

The trouble with this is that Alice, who turns out to be an android, raises many questions.

Why did a man buy himself an android-child, and then bought for him a set of android-girl?

Why did Alice fall asleep in one of the scenes?

What is the role in the plot of the fact that it is an android? Then, because, no – that’s all the answers.

End of spoilers

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Alexander Trofimov  once wrote that no serious fiction from Detroit will not work.

According to him, even in the trailers it was clear that Kage did not try to say anything new on the subject.

He simply “took out the plot elements of the car revolt out of the box and did not even process the file, rethink, saturate his own vision.”

The screenwriter Detroit, even in the beginning, not that he drowns for science fiction, and by the middle of the game he completely damages the fact that his main characters are androids. No, for him these are the same people who – well, it just happened that you stuck – other people use as slaves. And these slaves, according to David Cage, must fight for their rights.

As a result, the typical story of oppressors and oppressed people turned out to be offensive.

Without a second bottom, without new ideas, without answers to the questions that should arise from anyone who undertook to discuss the topic of androids.

And worst of all, that, as Sasha Trofimov supposed, Cage drew his script from the finished elements.

The stories of Kara, the home android, and Marcus.

Who looks after the aged artist and became his son, is the first episode of the series “People.

“Android-policeman Connor, along with Lieutenant Hank Anderson investigating the deviant cause (immediately forget about Rick Deckard), is already the series “Almost a Man”.

And these are the main characters. Needless to say, that almost all secondary branches – even more so through the stamp?

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I honestly do not understand why Kage does this.

I do not believe that he believes that players do not watch TV shows and films, do not read books, so they need to show the same thing, but in the game.

He also enrolled in Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls and now repeated.

Is it really impossible to invent something of your own, is the field great for fantasy?

Can! And some moments of Detroit become human prove it. There are a lot of them, they are in every chapter, and some episodes entirely look impressive – only the general helpless plot does not influence.

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That is, even the scenery customary for cyberpunk – areas of a futuristic city with neon signs, holographic screens, recharging stations for synthetics – look great.

But then the developers lead the heroes into a gloomy mansion.

The mood changes dramatically: there is a feeling that Detroit has already ended.

And Resident Evil has begun. Black shadows are creeping along the walls of a huge house.

Someone is roaring in the room on the second floor, and something is clattering in the cellar.

At the same time, more recently we were in bright apartments and helped an artist with a disability.

Played by Lance Henriksen (android Bishop from “Aliens”) – watched him paint brightly with a paint across the wall.

And after a gloomy mansion, the authors take the characters to an abandoned “pirate” amusement park, where in the dark mysterious figures move.

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Detroit often and without warning changes the situation.

And sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are playing the same game.

This is a great service not so much for David Cage, as for talented artists, composers, programmers, who have done everything to make the engine draw a believable picture.

And, of course, the merit of the actors.

Detroit become human is probably the first game in which the expression “acting” is not an empty phrase.

It’s clear that Cage’s games have always been about movies and actors.

But even in Beyond, the game versions of William Dafoe and Ellen Page look pretty awkward.

In the PS4 version, the grafon was pulled up, and it became more pleasant to watch the characters.

But it’s still calling at the level “you just look, who we can call to our game,” and not the real emotions of the popular actors.

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 In Detroit, everything is much more serious – again, thanks to technology.

The creation of facial animation probably cost the Quantic Dream almost more than all the rest of the graphics.

So everything – from the movement of the pupils to the wrinkles – affects the perception of the character. Look at yourself!

It got to the point that now I can advise detroit become human including those who love the same Lance Henriksen or Clancy Brown (the always evil guard from the “Shawshank Redemption”).

The latter played Lieutenant Anderson – it was to him that the android Connor was attached to investigate the cases of deviants.

In general, the characters – rather, the strength of the game. And Anderson and Connor watch the busiest.

The first is a tired cop from the life, who drives an old American oil mask (everyone else has already moved to electric cars) and listens to jazz and heavy metal.

The second – a club with a club, makes a face a brick in any incomprehensible situation and each acquaintance begins with the words “My name is Connor, I’m an android sent by Cyberlife”.

Anderson from this by the middle of the game begins to muddle – at least.

The expression of pain on his face says exactly about it.

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Yes, these are archetypes familiar to hundreds of cheap serials.

But when in the game such a character is not a faceless 3D model.

But a 3D model played by an actor you know, much changes.

Clancy Brown also succeeded in this archetype to bring something of its own.

To play a role in a way that no animator could draw.

Yes, and dialogues for all key characters are written quite good – that is, actors have something to play.

So for me it’s still a mystery how David Cage manages.

In one game to combine so many amazing things with a disgusting script.

It’s possible that I’m a dummy here (hardly), and  David Cage is a genius who needs to all this script somehow link with an outstanding non-linearity.

Even on the demo  , it was clear that detroit become human – the most branched game of the studio. The release confirmed this.

In Detroit there are also short episodes, where there is practically no choice.

Such as there are twenty percent in the game.

All the rest are complex and intertwined circuits with dozens of variants of passage.

Although not all of them influence the finale, but only a couple of key story events.

But within the framework of individual episodes one can see two or even three completely different stories.

And Karoo and there is a chance to withdraw from the game already at the first hour.

Simply put, this is not a revolution in non-linear games, but somewhere nearby.

Detroit needs to go through at least two times to see as much content as possible.

Although important information will be told to you in any case – as in past Cage games.

And, of course, this is much more serious level than  in the second season of “Batman” studio Telltale.

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But the gameplay of Detroit and Batman are similar.

Well, it’s clear that Quantic Dream was shooting an “interactive movie” before it became mainstream.

But at Beyond she decided to diversify everything.

Shifted the emphasis from QTE to manipulating the stick and added monstrously awkward scenes with Aiden.

Now the studio has returned to the classics – to his own Heavy Rain and to the Telltale games.

In particular, “Batman” developers cut the reconstruction mode for Connor.

The hero is able to analyze the crime scene and restore the chain of events in augmented reality.

Marcus has a similar skill – he allows the hero to calculate the order of actions in advance.

And only at Kara special abilities are not present, she is able only to prepare – house android.

Otherwise,detroit become human – one in one Heavy Rain.

With action scenes built on QTE, and the need to draw stick gestures.

Unless the camera is now difficult to call fixed – it is often free/.

Because of what sometimes the game can be taken for a normal action from a third party.

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The devil knows what an assessment deserves Detroit. As for me, there can only be two verdicts – “play” or “not play.”

In detroit become human, of course, it is worth playing. This is a very expensive game with the coolest fantastic world and a failed script, amazing actors, insanely beautiful.

Put her a low score just for the fact that David Cage again took up his favorite – well, that’s it.

The rest of the studio’s employees are not to blame for this – they did their part of the work perfectly.

Therefore, if you want to see some average estimate.

Then let it be 8, but keep in mind that this “eight” does not mean anything at all.