Review of Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is the Three Kingdoms about the Chinese Three Kingdoms. It will be on sale this fall, and it is to her, apparently, the developers dropped most of their strength (who said Total War: Warhammer 3?).

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 A “small” game is Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia , the first part of the inner series, which has a smaller scale. And along with the scale the authors got rid of some of the developments from the previous Total War.

Briefly, Creative Assembly created a light version of its game.

Something disappeared rightly – let’s say, ambushes were removed, because they were simply not used by anyone.

And something looks very strange – for example, the absence on the world map of any units other than troops, almost complete freedom from religion and the transformation of the technology tree into a shallow bush.


In this case, the main mechanics are still in place, and if you are not tired of the series, Thrones of Britannia will help pass the time before the release of Three Kingdoms.


In Thrones of Britannia, you still need to monitor your state, develop provinces, recruit armies and play diplomacy with neighbors so that they do not pull you apart.

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 It is necessary to choose carefully, with whom to be friends, and whom it is easier to immediately bury.

Look after the loyalty of your statesmen, in time handing out their estates (or pouring poison into the wine).

Carefully ensure that the troops do not run out of provisions or that they do not end up in the swamp at the end of the turn – otherwise you risk losing your army before the enemy gets to it.

Thrones of Britannia focuses on events that occurred from 878 to 1066 AD on the territory of the British Isles.

The time period was chosen for good reason.

In the second half of the 9th century, the king of Wessex.

Alfred the Great, defeated the Vikings in the battle of Edington, and in the second half of the eleventh century.

Wessex ceased to exist as an independent political unit, finally losing its status and becoming simply part of the kingdom of England.

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In the game, you can repeat the events of real history – that is, take control of Wessex and create an English kingdom.

Or try to change the course of history.

Leading to the victory of any of the remaining nine factions.

In total, the game offers five nations, two states in each – Anglo-Saxons, Welsh, Scots (they are gels), Vikings and conquerors kings from across the sea.

Fractions are distinguished by a set of bonuses, a position on the map.

And also an initial complexity.

Someone on the move is given a huge territory and a bunch of vassals, and someone turns out to be one with a tiny land.

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Thanks to a relatively small global map, the authors managed to add a lot of dynamics to everything that is happening.

Passions begin to boil the course from the second.

Someone looked at someone obliquely.Someone spat into a bowl of wine, and rushed.

Announcements about the beginning of the war appear twice.

And sometimes three times per turn.

There are regular reports that one more state could not stand the constant battles and perished.

While at that time you feverishly swung back and forth.

Trying to rivet troops and buildings.

And do not forget to play a diplomat.

Diplomacy in general is vitally important in Thrones of Britannia.

Because you need to survive at all costs.

To appease the Allies and thus prolong the maintenance of peace.

To conclude a defensive alliance with a well-situated country .

And do not care that it does not have troops.

It is an excellent buffer between you and the enemy!

Issue a lady of his court to marry a nobleman from another state and ask those guys to get through the right way to finish off the sworn enemies without fines.

But why they cut out trade agreements and made trading automatic – a mystery.

Yes, and agents somewhere deli. Do you want to organize a conspiracy and whistle a neighbor from a neighbor in a bloodless manner?

No, fight. Disappeared and other trivia, which, like and not important.

But to cut them whole – also a strange decision.

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The tree of technologies has been greatly reduced.

And in order to begin the study.

It is necessary to fulfill certain conditions.

In addition, some technologies give very significant disadvantages, which calls into question the appropriateness of their study.

Some may still have a claim to the fact that all factions have practically the same set of units. But this can easily be justified by historical context. Another question is that the types of units themselves are not enough – a pair of cavalry units, swordsmen, soldiers with axes, archers and spearmen.

By themselves, the battles have not changed much – added (or rather returned), except that night battles, as well as the ability to wait for the right weather.


Updated and the system of provinces, making in this respect, a cross between Total War: Shogun 2 and Total War: Attila.

The city is the heart of the province, there you can build almost everything you want, and only there you can place the garrison.

Slots for construction, of course, never enough, and have to tear. What will be better here – the market, the tavern or the academy?

Does it make sense to improve this structure if it brings money, at the same time raising the discontent of the population?


Do you need a garrison right in the heart of the empire or can you spend a slot under another building?

Still very important, whether you will plant in area of ​​the governor or leave territory to vegetate without it.

For example, increase the amount of food supplied or the speed of replenishing troops per turn.

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Thrones of Britannia looks like a successful experiment.

Instead of another supplement for the “big” part of the series.

Dedicated to historical events in a particular region.

The authors decided to create a separate game.

Yes, it is cheaper than a big game (for Saga ask 40 dollars against the standard 60).