Transformers: Devastation

Transformation activation! 

In contrast to the last games of the transformers, where robots are either copied from cinematic or invented anew, Devastation gets older models of acid colors straight out of the first cartoon series. Familiar from childhood, they moved in 3D with the utmost attention to detail, and the history of persistently pretending that we are still in the eighties, by masquerading as a typical series of the cartoon.

Megatron again chasing some cool stuff, substituting under attack peaceful earthlings. A valiant Autobots Decepticons break through the crowds of all kinds, to save the world.

What’s funny, because the structure of the Autobots in the game only five (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sideswipe, Wheeljack and dinosaur Grimlock), but the number of bad guys tends to twenty. Then all canonical villains in certain roles, and with exactly the same vote: Soundwave, Megatron’s right hand in the form of a cassette player; always hysterically screaming fighter Starscream; the whole portion of Insecticons (those transformed into beetles); and so on. Even if you do not know these names, it is time to pay attention to familiar images, feeling the joy of children.

The “cannon fodder” in the form of faceless robots small. In the same “Corre” had 10 – 15 times for passing to beat the same trio of jugglers and Devastation regularly fetches enemies with the name and biography. The benefit of the original source of his hundreds of characters allows.

However, the bright colors, the familiar characters and a wave of pleasant memories can not hide the nightmarish budget shortage, which oozes from everywhere. Disgusting levels with absolutely flat box-houses, the most simplified models all around, the almost complete lack of physics and general though something optional …

But there is a plus: work 60 fps the game will be even microwaved. And cheap does not mean sloppy: bugs or no sense of incompleteness. Finally, to evaluate the cheapness could be more in the screenshots – it is more important to be well turned out gameplay.

Transformers: Devastation game review

Euro Truck Simulator: Devastation.

Transformers! More than meets the eye! 

No genre discoveries: this is the usual beat ’em up. The heroes of the need to move from scene to scene, along the way defeating all enemies. Of the useful buttons – two types of attacks, dodge, transformation. With useless buttons – the ability to use ranged weapons. Shoot will have one and a half times in the five chapters in the specially designed places.

Although the whole game trying to entertain within the available budget: the force to drive through the streets of the departing fighter for the turret supply. Levels covered with secrets, bonuses, icons and markers that reveal useless concept art in the main menu.

Game design, of course, straight out of the past decade, but not annoying and not get bored in general. It could be worse. After all, the basis is still the action, and it is something inPlatinum Games is obtained with a bang.

First of all, the combat system makes extensive use of the possibility to transform the characters: each driven to the end of the combo finishing moves can be completed with the conversion, knocking the enemy down and winning the second in moderation.

Most importantly, this impact may be applied to any enemies around: for example, beat the clumsy and finishing moves forward in brisk “fighter” over his head. In addition, over time, it is filled with a superb range, too tied to the “second form”: for example, Optimus Prime truck drift of a certain radius, damaging everything in the way. There is another “Ulta” fills on the amount of damage inflicted: it is usually a massive blow to the area.

In addition, from time to time it is useful to transform and cut into a circle, to be dispersed around the arena, use the “Fast and the Furious” and apply Trample. Counter combo you it does not go astray – it is not just in the game; in reporting falls only an overall rating of “time / damage.”

Transformers: Devastation game review

All childhood in one shot!

Of course, there are fashionable nowadays mechanics dodges, but realized it strange opponent submits a prearranged signal ‘attention, I’m going to attack, “and hits in just one or one and a half seconds. That is to dodge button has to be pressed strongly after the beep, watching animation. After the “casual” system, which gave humanity Rocksteady with his Batman: Arkham , dodge is very difficult and unusual. It is not clear, “bug” it or “feature”, but after a successful flop you have a few seconds damn useful slow – so I am inclined to the latter.