what Santa Claus gives fans of online games – review

Winter holidays are celebrated in the Belarusian World of Tanks and in the Korean Black Desert.

Before we had time to look back, the next New Year sneaked up. About holiday sales and thematic events shout at all angles; here, the developers of online games did not stand aside, launching Christmas events in their universes.

If you do not have enough snow or New Year’s mood, below we have collected the main events of this winter from the world of multiplayer games.


10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games
Blizzard I always knew how to celebrate New Year in a big way. The upcoming 2023 was no exception: for users Overwatch prepared a whole mountain of content, from festive costumes to theme battles. In particular, the “Snow Scramble” mode appeared, all of whose participants play for May – the guru of winter battles not only skillfully shoots enemies with snowballs, but also insidiously intercepts other people’s shells (with proper dexterity, you can get as many as three new achievements). Also, on the eve of Christmas, the developers organized the annual operations Snowstorm and Yeti Hunt, and for wins in rating matches and Arcade and Quick Game modes, new skins, graffiti and badges are distributed every week.

World of tanks

10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games
The New Year’s kutyezh also did not pass the tankers, so Christmas trees, gifts and other holiday attributes were brought into the game. For completing combat missions in World of tanks players are awarded decorations for the Hangar. For their use, individual prizes are provided – for example, four charming tank crewmen who can replenish your combat crew.

Also Wargaming prepared large boxes with presents. Which of them will be determined by randomness, however, the developers promise that the price of the items is definitely not inferior to the price of the box itself – not to mention the chance to become the owner of a premium car.

EVE Online

10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games
For fans EVE command Ccp games I prepared several events at once that will please both experienced pilots and beginners. For example, within 13 days of EVE, prizes and gifts are distributed daily; among them – skill points, boosters, abyss filaments, facial augments, snowballs and much more.

Several new quests await in the Chilling Spree branch: when hunting for NPCs and server mates, you can get hold of unique items. True, to participate in the event you will need snowballs, which are given out as a daily entry into the game; but if you have littered with melted snowballs from last year, you can send them to one of the festival exchangers and get new ones. The developers also launched the A Mysterious Travel Filament campaign, where the RDLF-09 filament is among the daily awards. The main thing is to use it until the end of the promotion.


10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games
For fans to throw cards CD Project RED also launched the New Year event. Fans Gvinta Santa Claus brought special shirts, avatars, frames and titles. In addition, the developers promise some extremely rare gift: according to rumors, it can be obtained by driving away obsessed snowmen from the playing field. In addition to standard modes, the Yule test was added to the game, which will allow you to earn additional experience and reward points. And the assortment of the store owned by the troll Lavk temporarily replenished the winter Soltius set and the 2019 holiday set, which, among other things, includes 25 premium barrels.

Dota 2

10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games
IN Dota 2 “Cold Frost” came again, which means that for the victories in the usual unrated matches they will give out New Year’s gifts. Among them – sets of snowballs for throwing at opponents, penguins-summons, holiday fireworks, special pre-match animation and special phrases in the chat. There is also a very rare award – Gingerbread Baby Roshan courier.

Of course, a new chest was added to the game for the holiday: Winter Treasure 2019. In it you can find items for Ancient Apparition, Death Prophet, Treant Protector, Alchemist, Bane, Leshrac and Dark Willow, as well as a rare set for Ursa and ultra-rare for Tiny. A chest can be obtained for free by reaching level 20 in the event’s mini-compendium. And simultaneously with the launch of the event, the lasso came out on Ogre Magi – and, perhaps, this news is almost more important than all of the above.


10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games
With the cold in Fortnite the Winter Festival came. Now everyone can get into a new location – a holiday house. You won’t have to fight with anyone: instead, please open the presents and search the stockings hanging by the fireplace. Unique thematic tasks are hidden in stockings, and random items appear daily in boxes, including hang gliders, equipment, picks, emotions and more. Also, the developers decided to please the old guard, nostalgic for the temporary regimes like the “Rewards for the head” and “Arsenal”: they will be available to all comers until January 2.

Black desert

10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games
End of year MMORPG Black desert motivates players to use its full potential. For example, without hunting, fishing and gathering resources, a festive quest for making a snowman cannot be completed – in other words, there are simply no way to get “spare parts” for a snow woman.

However, if you hunt and fish for laziness, on the outskirts of Heidel you can admire the finished snowman. Next to him is a child who can take another Christmas quest: users are invited to play Santa Claus, running after a gift for a boy and giving him a present. In gratitude, he will give the character a seed, from which the New Year tree will then grow. If you suddenly forgot to put a Christmas tree at home – at least in the virtual world you will have it.

Apex legends

10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games
Community Apex legends celebrates this New Year on a yacht and fights for possession of the Winter Express. The charming stuntman Mirage decided to arrange a “Little Party” (from the word “hologram”, what did you think?) And invited everyone to an aerial voyage with a dance floor and a jacuzzi. And those who are afraid of seasickness can take a festive train: in this mode, three teams of three players in each fight for control points.

During the Little Head, you can also complete several exclusive quests. The rewards for them will be themed costumes, emblems, coloring for trunks and more – so now instead of standard characters on the map Santa’s deer, Christmas elves, nutcrackers and Santas run around here and there.

Fallout 76

10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games

Even in the post-apocalyptic wastelands there was a place for a holiday. Despite the endless flurry of jokes and critics, the developers do not leave their brainchild: before the New Year, they conducted a massive update, adding a lot of festive content to the game.

For example, the event “New Year’s Burning” kicked off. Now in the locations from time to time there are charred mutants dressed in Santa’s costume. For the murder of each monster they give a gift with a random item inside (it seems that there was something useful there, you had to behave yourself in the past year). Also, six Christmas tests were added to the Nuclear Winter mode, but grabbing everything at once will not work: tasks are carried out strictly in turn and in a certain order. Well, if you are suddenly tired of fighting, you can return to Vault 51, where the ZACS supercomputer was imbued with the magic of the holiday and decorated underground interiors.

Mortal kombat 11

10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games
Franchise Mortal kombat She was never embarrassed to be insane, and its creators did not change this principle by rolling out a New Year update for the latest game in the series. Already now there is open access to three new thematic towers with special holiday modifiers: Baraka on a sleigh, the death of Sab-Ziro at the hands of a snowman, Christmas trees in the middle of the arena … Sounds like nonsense? Just not for NetherRealm. And from December 28, three more towers will appear, where champagne bottles, fireworks and disco balls will be added to the list of unique modifiers. That and look, after a couple of years of battle in MK11 will become like your grandmother’s New Year’s feast.
10 main Christmas events: what Santa Claus gives fans of online games

In the above projects you can find not only snowflakes, gifts and Santa Claus, but also a festive mood, which this slushy winter lacks for many. More importantly, here you can find friends with whom it will be a joy to meet the coming year and pass the first night of 2023 for your favorite game.

How and where do you plan to spend the winter holidays? Share in the comments!