Chuchel formula of excellent sentiment


While somewhere far away in space, huge snags fly, a small black lump of wool in a red cap peacefully snuffles in his box.

So begins Chuchel from the Czech studio Amanita Design, which gave us wonderful and, as they say, soul games: Samorost, Machinarium and Botanicula.

Chuchel is the second game of Jaromir Plaka , and the fourth full-scale project of the studio. And judging by what I saw, the Czechs are moving in the right direction, but only known to them.

There are no words in the game, as there is no plot in the usual sense. But there is a conflict that moves the characters forward.

This conflict consists in the fact that an unknown hand from the sky takes away from the Scarecrow its wonderful breakfast – a wonderful “kenzibop”, in our “cherry”. And then, in her brazen manner, the cunning pink beast Kekel steals.

Next, everything on the rolled-in: for two hours we will take part in thirty sketches for 5-15 minutes each, solve some simple tasks, cheat Kekelya, get in trouble and click on the strangest things in the world.

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And you can click here almost everything: objects and characters on the screen and ask for a click, and every click will reward you with some unimaginably wonderful gag.

Review of Chuchel.  Game Review - Image 4

In physical gags, there is the whole Chuchel.

In static, the game is similar to a children’s book with pictures, with a deliberately empty background of the caracul and halftones.

But in the movement Chuchel becomes something surprisingly fascinating and fun.

All the characters and their reactions are animated as quickly and vividly as possible.

With such a minimalistic style, it is necessary to be able to show such a diverse and multifaceted animation.

The hypnotic way works and musical-sound design. He was as a result for the Czech group DVA .

The stuffed woman screams, Kekel grunts, the strange bird squeaks, and in the background plays a provocative tune.

Far to go on it is necessary – for its previous work on the soundtrack to Botanicula DVA received the IGF Award in the nomination “Best Sound”.

Can Chuchel be considered a game in the usual sense? Probably not.

This is a kind of interactive cartoon with simple puzzles and a ton of references to the game and pop culture.

Is it interesting to play this game? Definitely, yes.

Chuchel achieves what is very difficult to achieve – the simplicity of perception. But at the same time it does not seem stupid or, even, predictable.

The game is perfect for all ages and even for those who did not run the game. With all the desire you can not get stuck in one place more than it is necessary – if the solution does not go, then you will be told and shown in the inherent game ironic manner. And now the paradox is not boring.

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It so happened that two hours for the adventures of Scarecrow and Kekel was inexcusably small.

And you trite want more. Find out more about this unimaginable world of forever screaming stones and dancing fish. More races on skewed birds. More kenzibopes. But in this lies the wonderful dynamics of Chuchel – screaming little by little .