A Way Out Game Review.My faithful friend is a cellmate

A Way Out Review

In A Way Out, there are many references to cult films.

For example, cleaning the prison roof under the scorching sun and a hint of cold beer is “Escape from Shoushenk.

” The shootout in a luxurious palace in Mexico is the “Scarface”.

More developers often nod to the side of “Bonnie and Clyde,” “The Departed” and “Contraction.”

In fact, every scene in the game refers to a movie, but there’s nothing wrong with that. This does not mean that the authors of A Way Out did not have enough brains to come up with something of their own and write their own story. They did not try to surprise anyone with a script.

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In this sense, Farez’s time to compare not even with Kojima and Cage, but with Daniel Vavroi.

Producer of Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven  and Kingdom Come: Deliverance .

Both of them use cinematic techniques in their games and at the same time pay great attention to the details – with their help they show bytovuha.

Do not write thrillers about maniacs, do not come up with unexpected twists.

Do not write stories about robots and mysticism. Simply draw human stories with bright and familiar colors.

After the escape, they, wet and hungry, will want to clean up and eat – that’s why the game has a scene where one of the players needs to break the branches and build a fire, and the second – to catch fish in the pond.

Get to the city on foot for too long, on a stolen old pickup truck faster – but it first needs to be brought back to life: replace the wheel, fill in gasoline and “light” from another battery.

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Something similar, by the way, was in The Last of Us (and not in Uncharted, with whom they compare A Way Out for some reason).

But the closest thing in the manner of the narrative was that the play of Youssef Fares got to the first two Mafia.

You probably remember that developers there also told worldly stories.

Through the details: to hold the girl to the house and get into a fight to protect the companion, get a speeding ticket.

To witness how the TV flies out of the window of the house and immediately after you hear outraged shouts .


There are quiet episodes in it, when you can just wander around.

Talk with almost every character, watch what they do, play mini-games.

And this will only affect how you yourself will perceive the told story .

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This is the second game of Yusef Fares, the first – Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons .

Last time he worked with Starbreeze Studios, where he later took a part of the team and founded the studio Hazelight.

The development of A Way Out was literally done by the same people.

This is noticeable in how the new game looks and feels, and, of course, in the way it is played.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a single-player game.

But you have to control two heroes at the same time – brothers who went on a trip to a fairy-tale country to find a cure for a sick father.

In A Way Out, the same thing happens, only you are now playing together.

It’s a little embarrassing that Yusef Fares used the same move for the second time – he first achieved synergy, and then, in the final, deliberately destroyed it.

So it was in the Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, so there is a new game.

If you think that this is a spoiler, then no – at the end of you is not waiting for what you could think of if you played the Brothers.

Confuses it all because the authors repeat.

It is possible that in their third game they will offer something completely new.

But now we have already two adventures created by the same developers and working on the same idea.

And certainly it was possible to avoid a couple of final episodes with a crooked shooting.

And without chasing on bikes with disgusting physics, too, many would live calmer.

A Way Out – an exciting adventure game, but in a shooter and race, she absolutely can not.

Whether because of the engine that did not really adapt to this matter.

Either because of the inexperience of the developers, but in the last third of its A Way Out order annoying.

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Nevertheless, these problems do not spoil the general impression.

Hazelight managed to tell a simple and understandable story about the bandits, give it a hundred small details.

Come up with a lot of fun situations that work only in the co-op, and dissolve the players into emotions.

Quite enough to name A Way Out excellent.