World Premiere of Resident Evil, Village DLC and Pragmata Trailer: Possible Capcom TGS Presentation Leaked

Within the digital exhibition Tokyo Game Show 2022 several companies will give their separate presentations.

One of them will be Capcom, which has scheduled a 50-minute live broadcast on the first day of the exhibition. Stream starts September 30th v 16:00 in Moscow, and today information appeared on the network with a possible show program.

On 4chan, an image leaked with the alleged TGS presentation schedule of Capcom… Judging by it, the company will show the first teaser of the add-on for Resident Evil: Village, final trailer for Resident Evil Re: Verse with release date, movie trailer Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon Cityand will also make some announcement in honor of the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Event marked as world premiere

Also on the stream they announce a new Ace Attorney, Will present trailers for the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise and the first add-on for Monster Hunter Stories 2, and the presentation will end with a gameplay trailer Pragmata

Posts from 4chan are often fake, but sometimes there are real leaks. In this case, the information has not been confirmed by anyone, so consider this as a rumor.

In addition to Cacpom, Xbox, Square Enix, SEGA and others will also make presentations at TGS 2022. The exhibition will be held online from September 30 to October 3.

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