The Last of Us: Part 2, post-trailer considerations and hypotheses

When the Paris Games Week 2017 conference  closed with the new trailer of The Last of Us: Part 2 , nobody really understood that it was the game in question until the screen that showed the title. Naughty Dog wanted to play with the spectator until the end, he wanted to show him another face of the work that will come, hiding the elements immediately related to this highly anticipated sequel.
It is above all a demonstration of strength, the strength of a software house that can easily afford to experiment with the narrative as well, completely concealing the two key characters that have decreed the success of the first chapter. A chapter, by the way, that opens up to new developments that are not new, which already make the fantasy of fans and workmen running right now.
Part 2
The trailer in question first wants to emphasize that violence and brutality are not two options, but the imperatives to which one who wants to survive and resist can not escape. While an overwhelming franchise of “assault journalists” expose themselves to the public’s ludibry, performing in pseudo-feminist crusades who would like to put the scenes that they find unaccepta
ble, Naughty Dog seems to almost be blissful of their own creative freedom, shaping even more precisely a imaginary capable of conveying emotions in contrast to each other, accompanying them to raw and explicit images. The tempting hangover, the bones of his arms crushed with a hammer, the desperate struggle for not to be subjugated and annihilated: this is The Last of Us: Part 2, a sequel that he understood well as to point out to the user that in the presumably new place, somewhere that we still do not know, hope really died.
We do not yet know what the gameplay will be like, because the game has just come into play right now and you have to be very patient before you have the finished product in your hands. On the other hand, the same trailer clearly demonstrated the backward state of the work, with overall quality far distant from what we will have at the time of exit.
There is no need to worry, for even the first The Last of Us , during the first appearances, needed a non-indifferent cosmetic job. However, the mastery with which the scenes are filmed and realized, and the refinement of technology behind this new chapter makes it clear how much
The Last of Us: Part 2 is ready to explode wildly, like the terrible acts shown in the movie which we saw during the Paris Games Week. Neil Druckmann also explained : ” Here you will see the evolution of our engine as regards lighting, rain, realism of the characters, the rendering of their faces .” And everything looks already spectacular, magnificent, raw and cruel.
The Last of Us: Part 2, post-trailer considerations and hypotheses
The last ones left
There are so many different theories that in these hours are fading over the Internet; they may all be valid, and Naughty Dog also wants fans to get questions and make speculations at the moment. We also do it under the suggestion of Neil Druckmann, who with his mild clues does not seem to exclude timing jumps that would open the doors to some sections that could open a jerk in the past. Druckmann explains that they will be important characters and that they are actually ” pieces of the puzzle ” with which to create connections.
” Who are these characters, what are their conflicts, where is this going to happen, and when? “, Druckmann questioned during the interview aired shortly after the closing of the conference.
” One of them ” could in essence mean only two things: a member of the Lights or an Infest, but in that toned and fit woman there are no traces of infection or visible clues that can make you suspect an imminent aggravation of its psychophysical conditions.
We are very curious, at least as much as you, but also happy that The Last of Us: Part 2 demonstrates courage and great character, not lying too much on the laurels and beating other ways that could enlarge the scale of the project and its beautiful narrative.