Stardew Valley

Even users who openly acknowledge having pirated have ended up going through the box because, regretful, they ensure the game “is really worth


it”. Such is the euphoria that Stardew Valley has generated in a matter of a few weeks. And is not for less. This colorful life simulator on the farm is a grea


t little gem capable of making even those who do not feel special predilection for the subject fall in love. That is already saying. Reasons?


It is a work with a lot of charm, fun, that once you test you do not want to leave for anything in the world because you always have something to do! New cr


ops to harvest, animals to feed, objects to be manufactured, and even treasures to discover in the depths of the earth as if it were a role adventure. And in all these cases Stardew Valley works with a playable solidity worthy of me


ntion. What has an incredible merit considering that it was born from the hands of a single person, Eric Barone , who disappointed by the direction his beloved ser


ies Harvest Moon had taken four years ago decided to create his own game of farmers. Seen result we could not be happier for this decision.



A lot of work but without stress

Far from overwhelming you with countless routine tasks and impossible to pay bills, which are well known to the most experienced in the genre, Stardew Valley lets you go free, without pressure, so that you are the one to set the pace of the game. So n

othing happens if one day instead of planting seeds or chopping stones you go fishing, or just walk around the village to make friends with the beloved characters that inhabit it. The world is not over because of that … and it’s a relief, that other titles of the
style are haunting you, almost compelling you to repeat the same tasks over and over again in order to make your lands prosper. And that ends up exhausting.


Stardew Valley analysis

They are not the most important part of the game but the matches are well resolved and they are fun. You have several weapons with which to defend monsters.

The days pass, the changes of season arrive and with it the need to rotate the crops, but in Stardew Valley all this happens in such a ha


rmonious and relaxed way that it is difficult to feel overwhelmed even though there are so many options at your fingertips. That not everything consists in planting vegetables and cutting down trees; You also have to take care of s


everal animals, make products such as mayonnaise or honey, make decorative or useful objects for the farm as scarecrows through a fairly co


mplete craft system, prepare dishes and even, if you get around, you can become momentarily in the hero of a role adventure entering the dark


mines, where you will face all kinds of monsters which, of course, will provide you with ideal raw materials to create better products.


Stardew Valley PC

It’s amazing how Stardew Valley makes you feel like you are inside a living world in constant evolution

In the village you will also find a lot of characters that will help you in these tasks such as carpentry, which will expand the facilities of the farm to increase your productivity; or the blacksmith, who will help you create better work tools. There a

re more, many more, and each of these characters has a story worthy of being known. But for this you will have to visit them ofte
n, participate in the parties t
hey organize, celebrate their birthdays and, of course, offer them gifts that they will not always accept willingly. As normal people, which is what they are, they have very particular feelings and tastes that should be known in detail.


Stardew Valley

What would life be without the bars? In Stardew Valley there is also one, and you can spend time enjoying recreational machines like this one. It is pure vice.

More so if your intention is to ask for marriage to any of these villagers, who can also get married! Even between people of the same s


ex, which is a detail that is appreciated. Also the “realism” with which these virtual puppets enjoy their day to day. They get up early to go to work, stroll through the town in their spare time, go to the lake or the bar to have a drin


k, shopping when he plays, and there are even days of the week in which all the women of the town meet in the gym to get in shape.


It’s amazing how Stardew Valley makes you feel like you’re inside a living worldin constant evolution, although som


etimes this causes it to be difficult to find certain characters that are supposed to be in their work, and this is not the case. A locator to see its position on the map would have been great.


The important thing though is that this work by Eric Barone invites you to relate to all the characters in the game, giving you another excuse to spend hours and hours in front of the PC. The main basis of the action is the care of the farm, of course, but th


ere you have a lot of options with which to entertain you. How could there not be if during the winter season the farm is practically paralyzed in favor of other recreational activities … and also work, badly thought, that you can he


lp collect precious stones for the museum or participate in the construction and improvement of the village. And this is what makes Stardew


Valley great, because even the storythat narrates has more weight than we are used to in this video game class. To give you an idea, there


are key moments of the game in which you will have to position yourself in conflicts of great importance for the people, thus marking the course of events.


Stardew Valley PC

Stardew Valley

It is therefore understood that Stardew Valley raises passions wherever it goes. It is a game of enormous quality that captures in a unique an


d special way, making you lose track of time when you enjoy its endearing playable offer. It may not be a particularly complex title in some aspects, especially if we talk about the fight against monsters -that is not the main basis of t


he game-, but the truth is that right now in PC there are few works as personal and fun as this one. If even in the audiovisual is a title “with something” that falls in love. The design of characters and the world in which the action takes place, its colo


r, the warmth of the melodies that accompany us, the clarity of the user interface … Stardew Valley touches many fronts and in all of them takes good note.


Too bad that the game is currently only in English , although the PC community is already working on a Spanish translation that should not take long to be available. So for that part, also good news.