Really interesting mod – Remaster Vice City based on Grand Theft Auto V

Ever wondered what a remaster would look like Vice city on the engine Grand theft auto v? Enthusiasts decided to realize your wildest fantasies, realizing them. For the first time about the development of such a mod, it became known about five years ago. Now now Vice city remastered submitted for download to all comers. It should be noted that along with the mod, the main character of Vice City Tommy Versetti will be available to users.

In the video presented by the developers, you can see Vice City in all its glory: palm trees, neon lights and condominiums on the embankment have never looked so amazing. Moreover, the video shows a bird’s eye view of the city. In the trailer you can also see how the city looks at different times of the day and during one of the rare torrential rains.

Interestingly, Vice City Remastered is served as a DLC. The mod does not replace Loc-Santos and on the streets you can still meet cars and people from Grand Theft Auto V. Nevertheless, some textures were updated in the game and several new models were added. In addition, the developer improved the picture using the mod to add ray tracing. And in no case do not dare to skip the video at around 4:50!

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