Space wrecks

Phantaruk pc review

Phantaruk story tells that we have already heard, that of a spaceship of research turned into a tomb adrift in space by the ambition of human beings. In this case the spaceship is called Purity-02 and the ambition was to create the usual superior beings.

Space wrecks

The result was the massacre of the entire crew caused a little by the toxin emitted by an alien parasite, a bit from a legendary creature called Phantaruk, which as you understand it also gives the name to the game.Finding out what happened is up to the player.


In terms of gameplay all this translates into the classic Amnesia horror in the first person, in which you have to advance crawling in the shadows to avoid being discovered.

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Later in the review we will talk about an important mechanic that tries to differentiate the gameplay of phantaruk pc gamefrom the competition, but for now be content to know that the protagonist has a flashlight, whose batteries must be replaced from time to time, and that the narration is conducted for recorded messages, accessed via a transmitter, and for written texts that are found around the ship.


Phantaruk in terms of gameplay is the classic immortal opponent, who can only be evaded.In case you see us you have to run away in some hiding place, hoping that you do not find us. It’s a very slow creature, dangling around the ship hunting for the survivors (us).

Space wrecks

To escape from it you have to stay out of his sight, perhaps trying to stay in silence in dark areas. An icon in the shape of an eye helps us to understand our level of visibility: when we are completely hidden, it disappears, while when we are in full light it is beautiful visible.


Unfortunately, the lighting system does not help us to understand which are the dark areas and which ones are illuminatedand sometimes we find ourselves visible and unarmed in a point that was believed to be dark (perhaps behind a box), while in other cases the eye disappears without there being a sensitive variation of the lighting.


Nothing dramatic, because soon you get used to it and because you tend to identify a priori hiding places to exploit in case of escape from the monster, but this aspect could be cured more, also seen that graphically the work done on the game it’s not bad: we’re not dealing with a masterpiece, but as a free title for a few euros,


Phantaruk is doing just fine. Of course, it makes a lot of use of stock items, but it is inevitable given the level of production put in place. However, there are several suggestive and interesting passages, which give a glimpse of great team skills,

Phantaruk review ,without big excitement. Find out why


The most important mechanics of phantaruk game, which is also the one that characterizes it, is the need to inject an anti-toxin antidote from time to time so as not to end up like the rest of the crew: dead. In terms of gameplay this translates into the need to go in search of syringes to be injected when a counter starts to signal the passing of the level of guard of the poisoning of the protagonist.

Space wrecks

Phantaruk the game having such a sword of Damocles hanging over the head for the whole adventure greatly changes the way the gameplay develops with respect to the canons of the genre, both in terms of rhythm and emotionally. Normally in a survival horror at Amnesia we tend to progress very slowly, for fear that behind every corner there is some danger.


The same thing happens in phantaruk free download pha, at least until you realize you do not have too much time and, above all, that there are not many syringes scattered around the ship.


The situation that is created is paradoxical, because the horror, which would impose slowness, instead asks us to run as soon as possible. In fact, between the administration of a dose of antidote and the other passes enough time to give us the opportunity to explore the area in which we find ourselves, but it is still impossible not to take it into account and not feel the anxiety grow.


The mechanics of the timer also entail a big risk: that of arriving at the next checkpoint without a reserve syringe, making the continuation of the game impossible or very difficult. In these cases, rushing to find one becomes imperative, but sometimes frustration can impose a restart of the whole adventure.


To solve the problem and enjoy the game more slowly we have adopted an incorrect tactic:The problem is so felt that the development team has already retouched several times the number of detectable syringes in the maps.