Hearts of Iron IV

Make weapons, establish alliances with other nations, strengthen the industry of your own country, improve trade agreements, design powerful war ve


hicles, be part of great technological discoveries, scientists … any measure is valid in order to survive such a historic period convulsed as it was the Second World War . And we are not talking only about the intense armed struggle between the Axis and the Allies so many times recreated in movies and videogames.


Politicking, espionage, cross-country raids! With great brilliance, Hearts of Iron IV recreates one of the most dramatic yet exciting times of modern times, achieving, however difficult it may seem, you really feel in front of one of the many countries involved in th


at maremgnum of betrayals, threats, strips that loosen up the whole planet for years. A spark was enough to ignite that sea of ​​gasoline in which t


he whole world bathed … and now, thanks to the new Paradox , you can be part of this truculent interwar environment with an amazing realism. Even better. You have the power to rewrite history, to change the course of events with intelligent political decisions or agile military strategies. What will be your role in this conflict?



And the spark flew

Leading the Japanese Empire to become the master of Asia and part of Europe, to contemplate how the United States becomes a communist co

untry, to let Mussolini’s Italy take control of Africa, and from there, to become the hegemonic force in the old continent over Nazi Germany … by power, Hearts of Iron IV allows us to avoid World War II through diplomacy o
r, why not, dirty play, provoking coups d’etat in the capital countries in this conflict, supporting political movements that are aligned with our cause, suffocating them with the attack on their supply lines or in short, with any other trick that you can th
ink of. The options are incredibly high, surprisingly funny and, above all, always realistic. Oddly, it sounds right now to imagine a scenario in which Hitler does not become the main enemy to be beaten by the Allied forces. It’s more. Who says there should be such an alliance?


Hearts of Iron IV analysis

There are seven great nations with their own Focus Tree, while the rest, including Spain, share a common but equally full of options.

In the line of the great Stellaris , which in his day we extol his enormous capacity to surprise you again and again with endless stories to each more exciting, Hearts of Iron IV builds piece by piece an incredible war scenario in which all decision, as small as we please, le


aves its mark in the course of events. The alliances that we establish, the enemies that we earn, the type of technology that we investigate, the bet or not for the military industry … there are so many variables, so many possible paths to follow in the same


game, which is amazing how the new Paradox get into this great war conflict, and do it also changing your own perception of war.


Hearts of Iron IV PC

Most of us are accustomed to dealing with strategy games in which you command a few troops that you get to love them. Not here. Almost that you become an insensitive person; someone who watches the war from the perspective of the cold numbers. The troo


ps die to millions, but you do not care if you have managed to conquer a new territory or defend your own. And the same goes for citizens. They will go hungry, they will suffer before the inclemency of the conflict, but you will force them to keep going; to imbue t


hemselves with that patriotic feelingthat drives them to work tirelessly for the common good. It is not easy, of course, because apart from enemies abroad, political problems can also arise in our nation.


It’s all so real, it’s all so well represented, that a game of Hearts of Iron IV is a pleasure whether you like it or not this kind of videogames

A good example would be Spain, which in 1936 was plunged into a bloody Civil War. We can avoid the armed conflict, of course we can, but if we do not know how to handle that explosive cocktail of political ideologies so diametrically opposed that go

verned the country at that time, the future consequences could be catastrophic. Or not! Who knows? In the end, everything depends on us;
of our pulse at the time of undertaking this kind of situation by establishing laws that benefit us, without disturbing the environment, or by surrounding ourselves with wise counselorsthat grant us that extra trust between citizen
s and other political parties. And it’s great How could it not be when you feel that the scenario that recreates Hearts of Iron IV responds so realistically to all your actions. We have seen everything and the feeling has always been the same: emotion and desire, eager to continue exploring this world in war that never ceases to amaze. It has merit


Hearts of Iron IV

Anticipate or die

The appointment of Julio César to which we alluded at the beginning of this analysis has great value in a video game of the characteristics of Hearts of Iron IV, because without anticipation there is no possible victory. So clear. Think that building a

large warship, in the best of cases, can take months of work; months that in the middle of an armed conflict against another nation can suppose a defeat without palliatives. That is why it is always good to think about the future: is it interesting to manufacture ta
nks even if we are not at war with anyone? What do we do with the weapons? And the planes of those new planes? Do we dedicate the efforts of our researchers to strengthen the civilian industry or develop a new type of pump? There are so many questions, so many “yes” on the horizon, that sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by this sea of ​​possibilities.


Hearts of Iron IV

Hearts of Iron IV PC

Before training the troops you have to supply them with weapons, vehicles and even medical equipment. You are also free to customize planes, ships and tanks.

Little help the discreet tutorial with which Paradox surprises us, for bad, when one of its main objectives was precisely to open this strategy series to a wider range of players. It contributes very little information, the minimum, summoning you to read


Wikipedia to learn the basics of the game. It does not seem the best solution; less when, we insist, we talk about a title with so many possibilities of play. Fortunately, the user interfaceIt is more intuitive than ever and steps have certainly been taken in the rig


ht direction: this new Hearts of Iron is friendlier than its predecessors, which is not simple, so it is suitable even for neophytes. But it requires practice, many hours of dedication, trial and error, to fully understand its foundations. And it’s a shame. More coming from a video game like Stellaris, who did an admirable job about it.


There are advances, of course, such as the management of troops . Now it is easier than ever to group them in a division, establish their behavior patterns, entrench them, make them strong at the border, tell them to advance, maintain their position or defend their territory. All this intuitively, with the right clicks and necessary to perform these actions without compli


cations. It’s not trivial. Having a good attack plan is essential to win victory. In this sense, Hearts of Iron IV makes it relatively easy. You can give orders, create a master plan, and wait to execute it at the right time. The troops will act accordingly and as a rule, efficiently, behaving with the expected intelligence.