The Show Must Go On

Mechanics Forced Showdown at first glance seems quite unpretentious. You choose one of the characters and his companion (by some funny little animals to the brutal monster) and go destroy enemies in the arenas. It is necessary to pass a series of cards, and in the end to win “the boss.

” Then you will find a few of these races, and then you come face to face with the villain and popytatetes beat him – he is for all the arenas and their chains puts you against his henchmen.

All this is then called in a loud word “campaign.” While three of them – relatively speaking, easy, difficult, very difficult. And all are furnished as sort of a spectacular TV show about survival in the world of the future – with soaring around the hero cameras spectacular performance of contestants and voiceover master.

Start all over again!

Heroes are only four, each, of course, has its own unique ability and your fighting style. Initially available combat magician, able to beat all the others by the blast, and then you can unlock and the other characters, including warrior, wielding a huge famously fiery hammer and archer Stormbringer.

It is also subject to certain conditions (to kill a certain number of enemies, to pass a certain number of cards, not choosing the “health”, and so on) opens up new companions and charged different nice bonus.

In addition, to obtain an increase damage, or protection, for example, kits can drop rate passing one of the chains within arene campaign. It is spent on special glasses that you save up (or rather, pick up) during the battles. But if in the next series will perish, all acquired by back-breaking labor to improve lost, because you have to start the campaign again.

Forced Showdown game review

Conditions in each chain are changing arenas.

In this case, all of the arena in Forced Showdown – themed as enemies to them. Somewhere will have to fight with the archers and musketeers, somewhere – with horned monsters, norovyaschie to ram you, or even with machines, shoots some areas.

A “boss” of the second campaign in general tank! On each card, as a rule, there are plenty of traps, obstacles and special conditions – for example, you can associate with a companion a sort of death by a laser beam passing through that enemies take damage. And somewhere, on the contrary, opponents of the original benefit. With each new passage of the campaign all of this is mixed and re-generated randomly – you never get bored!

Cards, mana, two enemies

, but gives the game a special drive in the presence of her mechanics full rationing system. cards inForced Showdown play the role of “upgrades” for the hero, and spells “consumables” ( “call for the two drones to help”, “use adrenaline”).

You are building your deck for each character (in addition to general it is clear, accessible and unique options) and you go with it in the fight. At the same time before the match, you can reset any number of cards offered.

Well, before each new arena will allow you to use the fallen cards at its discretion – taking into account the fact that each is worth so much mana, and the total number of the latter is limited (but increases from round to round). Then the fun begins.

You must decide what is more useful to use now, and what to reserve for later: it is better to select some clever “upgrade”, to call on the assistance of another minion or start the game with energy shield?

There are many solutions, maps vary in value, but one way or another affect the gameplay. As an element of chance, when your character, for example, passes the next scene of the last forces, and the card that allows you to receive medical treatment, unfortunately, does not fall!

Forced Showdown game review

The game looks bright and juicy – though here you are constantly doing hurt!

Sword, fire, and a deck! 

The Forced Showdown is possible and necessary to open new cards and improve your deck them. Earned in the military labor money you bet on the roulette table in the hope that will drop any rare and useful thing. Better yet, if you will fall crystals – for them there is allowed to create a map of any value (if you have enough resources, of course).