Zombie. We met them in all the sauces. Greens or grays, high or low, fat or skinny, slow or fast, toothless or completely disassembled. But there is one thing that unites them all, without any distinction: they can not help craving the warm, tender human flesh. From the very first moments of their transformation, in fact, they are forced to (not) live by hunting down the few surviving humans left in circulation.

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Few, because the existence of the living dead, whether in videogames, cinematography or literature, presupposes that, at a given moment, there has been a terrible epidemiological catastrophe, global (as in The Walking Dead) or localized (as in Dying Light), and that most of the population ended up inexorably replenishing the ranks of walking corpses.

In they are billions review , an early access title that is currently depopulating on Steam, this rule has remained unchanged, unless it has been transplanted into a genre that only rarely has had to do with the famed hordes of the undead: that of strategists in real time.

RTS: Real Time Survival

Pending the publication of the main campaign (set for spring, at the launch of version 1.0 of the title), which, in all probability, will allow us to tackle, on the false line of Starcraft II , a succession of scenarios held together by a more or less substantial narrative thread, They Are Billions offers at the moment only a survival mode without many frills but still able to give hectoliters of fun to fans of the reference genre.


The player’s goal is to stay alive as long as possible in a map flagged by continuous zombie waves, focusing on the expansion and development of a small human colony. This, at least at the beginning, will consist of a command center (built in the middle of the map and – in the absence of the classic “minion” builders – deputed to the construction of all the main buildings),


by some rangers equipped with bow and arrows, and, as tradition for the RTS, from an extremely limited number of resources, just enough to set in motion the first sketch of civilization. It is important to underline that, although the modality offers 4 different themed scenarios (which must be unlocked by surviving the previous ones), each match will always be different, thanks to the procedural algorithm that supports its foundations.


Forests, reservoirs, lakes, natural obstacles and abandoned villages will therefore always be arranged randomly on the territory, forcing us to devise constantly diversified expansion patterns, although they rely on the usual classic strategic triptych “collect, build, evolve . ”


Before joining the game, however, we are given the opportunity to intervene on some fundamental settings related to the difficulty, which can change the gaming experience quite radically. size of the zombie population already present on the map at the beginning of the game, but also going to influence the multiplier of the units enlisted in the waves coming from the outer edges of the map.

Next, you have to choose the number of days (80, 100, 120 or 150) that must pass before you can achieve the victory, which is also particularly incisive on the level of challenge offered by the title. If the idea of ​​\ u200b \ u200bhaving to survive for about half the time can actually sound tempting, in reality there is no risk but to make damn more complex and punitive the whole progression, with many less days available to expand and evolve, as well as for prepare to sustain a subsequent wave, which will always be much more numerous and “evolved” than the previous one.


As if this were not enough, every game is set only in “ironman” mode, ie without the ability to save or load the colony at a previous stage (you can instead save to exit the game, but in a single unmanageable slot, which automatically overwrites it).


Once down on the battlefield, the initial priorities are mainly two: the increase in the population of the colony, through the construction of some tents, and the exploration of the surrounding area at the command center, so as to immediately understand the arrangement of the deposits of wood, stone, steel and oil and, above all, get a first idea on the most palatable paths through which the zombies will try to invade us.

They are billions release date

Since then, we published updates periodically revealing more info about the game. Over time, interest and popularity grew for They Are Billions. Initially, we announced Early Access would be released in Fall 2017 with only the Survival mode. Then in Spring 2018, we’d release the campaign.