Might & Magic: Heroes VII

Amazing stories while

What developers certainly can not be denied, because it is in the supply of the plot of originality. After the murder of the Empress earth Ashan plunged into strife and contention.

Duke Ivan of Griffin kind must make a difficult decision: to be war or peace? To cope with this task, it shall convene the advisers from various factions. Alliance of Light, Forest Alliance, Necropolis and other painfully familiar pushed very typical representatives.

Refined, covered with a thin gold jewelry lady-mag from the Academy, the brutal Orc Tribes of the Defiant, a real angel with enormous wings – on the light side of the Force … good people and bad people came to tell stories dedicated to certain events in the past. Ivan heard should help determine the strategy that is applicable and to the volatile real.

Actually, these stories is the story campaign, which we can place in any order.

And you know what? With scenic component of Heroes 7 still is not as bad as it could be. Heroes – very different, all with their own, albeit somewhat cardboard, character, and the challenges that they face, not always boil down to “kill them all and grab their castles.”

For example, in the “shadow” campaign, we have to rob the mine, killing single representatives of the various factions and leave the shell at the crime scene evidence that local unions and alliances quarreled among themselves.

Passage is always accompanied by dialogue. And it’s not just about the conversations that are important to the story – sometimes prohibitively pathetic and naive at the same time – but also about fun chatter, designed to defuse the situation and provide us with a little bit of humor.

Who talks to whom? Our characters – each other. As a rule, we are immediately subordinate to the two main characters, to which we can if you want to hire an additional reinforcement, but the meaning of this special is not. And that’s why.

Might and Magic: Heroes VII game review

There are things that never change: in this series gold forever lying in the middle of forests and fields. In a huge, notable bars, yes.

The more the better

in most cases, the “carve-up” of the army, even for two people does not make sense. Not enough available or creatures, or money to buy them. The most productive tactic – to give all the available troops to one hero and send him to fight with everyone.

Moreover – as experience shows, do not have high hopes for the expensive elite soldiers, if we are not able to collect a whole bunch of them, which is most often not possible for financial reasons. Large sets of so-called basic things, ie basic, non-elite, to cope with the deadly tasks more efficiently than a couple of large and evil Minotaur, which at the time puts a couple of hundred what some quite ordinary Dryads.

But I think we ran a little forward.

Let’s try to start with the basics. Especially for players, by some miracle, not added to the series so far, to announce: the heroes are still gaining army of the most diverse mythical and not very creatures; walk on the global map, collect resources and fight with both the enemy troops, and numerous neutral armies.

To get timely completion of return of dead soldiers, it is necessary to rebuild the locks. And so, if briefly, it looks essence of the game – and it is not particularly changed since the release time of the original. But much has changed since the days of Might and Magic: Heroes 6 .

We need more resources,

many players criticized Black Holefor reducing the amount of resources that are in the sixth of a total of four left. Mol, simplification, “okazualivanie” and depletion in one vial. The Limbic Entertainment took into account the errors and return to the standard scheme with seven kinds of minerals that are available for collection.

Ore, timber and gold, of course, remained in their places, and instead podnabivshih nauseam mercury, sulfur and jewelry, we are now encouraged to collect exotic species like the starry silver or steel dragon. Here are just a production scheme of these elements Mendelevielya elf table is an easy headache.

Might and Magic: Heroes VII game review