The Legend of Korra

The fact that The Legend of Korra is released under the Nickelodeon license, is seen from the first minute – the game begins with the title sequence of the series. After you without words “hand” the four elements and explain the basics of mechanics: behold, they say, an ordinary punch, strong attack and jump. The rest – dodge and counterattack – you know already magicians tournament, familiar to fans of the original show.

Further events are unfolding in a three-week interval between the second and third books of the animated series – Corre, as it turned out, all this time was not to rest. A mysterious old man lures the heroine into a trap, after which the girl put to sleep and wakes up she had no opportunity to use their chi – the so-called energy of the body, which allows magicians to control the elements.

To understand who and why needed to deprive the main Corrie of her abilities, and you have the rest of the game. Just make a reservation, on a memorable story better not count – scenes in 5 hours campaign typed except at the entrance filler (series, which does not develop the main storylines, but only fills airtime, while the main writers can take a breath).

Even without magic, somehow have to choose from the enemy’s lair. One way – through a crowd of egalitarians. Why old enemies who have already obtained a nut once again eager to bother avatar – history is silent. In the first battle turns out that Corr’s more than capable of standing up for themselves and no magic tricks, it is in fact a master of martial arts, after all. Although at first, of course, you can die, but at first the developers openly spare player.

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Fold two-wheeled motorcycle with their glands and their fists to explain the rules of nature – a real pleasure.

Once you return the control of the first verse, comes almost childlike sense of joy – the enemies of the rather dangerous opponents will become a whipping boy. But the sweet life does not last long, as soon as you get to the magicians opponents, the game will be significantly more difficult. Feel sorry for the Japanese fans did not – even at an average level of complexity for the mistakes have to pay dearly, often your blunders turn “geymover”.

It should gape and miss natural combo, and Corr is on the balance of death. Save perhaps that counter-attacks – when you press the left trigger at the right time, you can seize the initiative and inflict serious damage. Not “Witch Time” from Bayonetta 2 , of course, but also effective! Well, if you start to use against electrical attacks have to dodge – to reflect them will not work.

During the battle, you can switch between all the elements are unlocked. Each of them has its own characteristics – water, for example, it allows you to apply a lot of quick strokes with little damage, including at a distance. But the techniques of the earth “school” strongly hit the area, but they are terribly slow caste, and about the long-range combat in that case you can forget. Each element is necessary to pump separately, using it in a fight; most of all the experience you get for finishing.

With new levels elements opened bundle. They are much less than you expect at least a Platinum game, but the combo look like they painted specifically for the animated series.

However, to combine different elements, alas, do not give. Closer to the final incentive to rush between the natural elements at all is lost – “air” is so effective that the rest will come in handy except for the removal of natural barriers.

They can be found, for example, on the trunks with artifacts, of which fall relics, facing a lot of in-game currency – the spirit of energy.

Almost every chapter is necessarily accompanied by a section in which to Corre comes in Naga – its polar medvedesobaka, loyal friend and guardian.

These levels are reminiscent of the game endless-runner genre. The screen is divided into “running track” Similar to the obstacle. You will need to avoid rocks, overcome the chasm, use trampolines and collect all the same energy of the spirit.

It needs a good reaction and a stock of patience – it lasts “fun” for longer than would be desirable. As a result, all of these mini-games will turn into a full-fledged one battle in the snow. And despite the fact that Naga – a colorful character, which could be used much more fiction.

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