Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Strategy and tactics of

game is based on the rules of the harsh “nastolki» Battlefleet Gothic from the world of Warhammer 40K and just tells the true Gothic war, namely about how the Imperial Navy is trying to restore order in the Gothic sector, which invade Abaddon Reaver, Orc, haosity , Eldar, and God knows who else …

Imperial campaign is slightly reminiscent of a cosmic version of Total War. There is a global map, broken down into different star systems, where each new course, new to our point, where the enemies of the Empire invaded, and we decide where to send its navy to show the bastards gruel.

And there is a tactical map, which, in fact, the unfolding space battles. According to their results (and in case of victory, and defeat) we earn a certain number of points of Fame, for which then ships you can “upgrade” to learn them new skills, “pump” the crew and increase the size of its fleet.

Another issue is that in case of defeat, the risk of new invasions increases, and each captured enemies-point increase and various fines – increased cost of repair or improvement of the ships, the rate of experience gain and so on.

They are so different …

Main dish and “nastolki” and its computer adaptation – is, of course, the battle space fleets. To say that they are intense and deep – to say nothing! Even on normal difficulty, you do not just once or twice will lose fights and leave captured the whole system – not to mention the “hard” or Heroic created for this Imperials!

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada game review

Time made a battering ram can decide the outcome of the battle!

The fact is that in Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is not enough simply to allocate its fleet and pit it against the enemy. Every ship, whether battleship, cruiser or support craft, has its differences in speed, maneuverability and firepower.

There is also a set of activated abilities – you can get a time bonus to accuracy or protection, to become invisible, to launch torpedoes, levitate fighters to protect the battleship, to make a warp jump a short distance, scattering booby traps. Even allowed to send a team of stormtroopers on the enemy side, there to arrange some kind of sabotage, fire, or damage the turret.

But just in time to enable the ability to pause (no stops and slows down), as in “Star Wolf”Also not enough. The tactical model Battlefleet Gothic: Armada many nuances – as you have placed the fleet before the start of the fight, at which the optimal distance of your ships are trying to shoot the enemy, from which guns: from onboard or from the nasal – and what systems will be beaten in the first place … You can, Of course, try as much as possible to configure the AI behavior and give the reins in his hands, but it is better and more efficient to do everything personally.

Tactics wins and losses

It is particularly important in “nastolki”, and in the computer game take into account the speed, maneuverability and the inertia of the courts, with which they move in time to stop, turn, change course, go to the enemy in the rear, move away to a safe distance, or, conversely, jerk closer , discharge all the guns in the side, if not go to ram. By the way,

Eldar Fleet – the fastest, but, for example, orcs ships are better suited for the assault and battering ram; differences between the groups a lot, and they also have to be taken into account.And, of course, it is important to properly develop its fleet.

It is necessary not only to learn new skills and improve various systems (engines, shields, cut, housing, tools, etc.), but also “pump” professionals who are on the cruisers and battleships – here and techniques, and the navigator, and the shooter, and other fellow officers.