GTA 6 in the leak from Rockstar Games revealed the scene

Company fans Rockstar games and the anticipated open-world criminal action game Grand Theft Auto 6 discovered a leak in which the scene of the future game is revealed.

Users of the Reddit forum are actively discussing the mysterious publication of the girl with the nickname plein_de_vie on Twitter, which is associated with GTA VI, reports. Her profile indicates that she is the Rockstar North Production Process Coordinator in Edinburgh, UK. She shared a photo of a new gift set for Rockstar Games fans. 12 patches are packed in a small box with congratulations. Among them are three square company logos with the letter R. One of them is made on a black background, and the other two in the colors of the flags of Jamaica and Colombia. The developers have no property and offices there, so the patches were taken as another hint at the scene of GTA 6.

As soon as fans noticed this photo and started discussing Colombia, the girl made her account private and stopped accepting subscribers. The players saved the photo, but did not take a screenshot of the publication itself. Presumably, the kit is intended for the most active streamers, video bloggers and creators of other content on Rockstar Games. However, at the moment, none of them have received this kit.

Rockstar Games fans have been discussing frames from GTA 5 update trailers, various leaks and rumors related to Colombia for several months now. According to, information has repeatedly appeared on the network that some of the events of Grand Theft Auto 6 will occur in this country. Presumably, the protagonist will work for the Colombian cartel and direct its activities in the USA in the city of Vice City. The badge from the gift set was taken as another hint for the future GTA 6 game.

What the Jamaican flag is talking about, fans have not yet understood. The Rockstar Games official store sells the same patch. Gamers did not find a connection between the company or its games from this country. Perhaps this is also a hint at GTA 6, or maybe another new game or an addition to an existing one. Other patches included. There is the famous word Wasted, which in pirated translations was replaced with “Spent”, “I love Vice City”, Bullyworth School emblem from Bully, two more developer logos, a hand with a gun, the phrase “Inscription Outlaw” from Red Dead Redemption 2 and the name of the city of Los Santos from GTA 5.

The release of GTA 6 is expected no earlier than 2023 on the Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles.