GTA 6 in a major leak revealed three cities

Hotly anticipated by players of Grand Theft Auto 6 from the company Rockstar games hit the network with a new major leak from an anonymous insider. The new information revealed the locations and main characters of the future game Grand theft auto vi, as well as other information about a project in development for a new generation of gaming platforms.

A new leak about the game GTA 6 was published on the network by an unknown insider who was already pouring reliable information about various games under development into the network. According to, according to these data, in the game GTA VI there will be several main characters, as in GTA 5, however, for the first time in the series in GTA 6, the main characters will be relatives, namely, brother and sister. It is expected that there will be other protagonists in the game, the total number of which has not yet been finalized. Thus, in the new information, as well as in other leaks, information appears that at least one main character in GTA 6 will be a girl. The source also claims that the brother and sister can be on opposite sides of the barricades, and one of them will be the main character, and the other – the villain in GTA VI.

The fusion of GTA 6 claims that the game’s events will take place in the past, in the 1980s or 1990s, and the scene will be several cities at once, including Vice City, a new city inspired by the city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, as well as the third city in the style of Bogota, the capital of Colombia. It is expected that the third location in GTA VI will resemble the North Yankton from GTA V, but will be presented fully, and not only in individual missions. Finally, the world map of Grand Theft Auto VI will be very large, and will include about 9 more small towns located between major cities. In addition, the game world map was built by developers in such a way that it was necessary to travel on it using air travel.

As for other details about Grand Theft Auto 6, the game will have more realism than in the previous part of GTA 5. So, the police will become a much bigger problem than before, weapons and equipment will have to be stored in the trunk, and vehicles will be needed for the first time in the series refuel regularly. In addition, the leak indicates the approximate release dates of GTA 6. If you believe this information, the release of GTA VI may take place at the end of 2023 or at the beginning of 2023. Interestingly, the source of the new leak soon removed its publication from Reddit, which may hint at the reliability of at least some of the information described in it.

Many analysts believe that the official announcement of GTA 6 from Rockstar will not take long, although it will take years to release the project. According to, the well-known and respected gaming journalist Jason Schreier in his predictions suggested that the announcement of GTA VI would take place as early as 2023.