A player ran onto the stage of a German show, wanting to know about Grand Theft Auto VI – Igromania

Players have been waiting for a long time Grand theft auto vi – at least something official. And some of the fans of the series are so desperate that sometimes they decide to do unexpected things.

Last week all attention was focused on gamescom 2022, and, apparently, upset that the new part of the series was not shown there, one of the gamers, who called himself Taser, ran onto the stage of the German show Schlag den Star, asking everyone and no one a rhetorical question: “Where is GTA VI? “

Having initially scared the girl in red, the star of local reality shows, Taser quickly revealed his motivation: he has been waiting for the new Grand Theft Auto for 8 years, urging everyone to ask the developers a question about the sixth part.

At the same time, the presenter laughed it off, they say, he still did not pass the fifth, and when the player was taken away, he assumed that he was paid Take-two or the developers themselves.

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