The scene of GTA 6 was revealed by the founder of Rockstar

A new leak emerged on the network for the game Grand Theft Auto 6, which is being developed, which happened a few years ago. One of the founders in the leak Rockstar games revealed the possible location of the game GTA 6.

Back in 2013, an internal document on development plans fell into the hands of users Grand theft auto vi, which the head and co-founder of Rockstar Studios, Sam Houser, directed the senior managers. According to, only recently these data were published on the network, which users with the nicknames Yan2295 and Razed did not dare to publish for a long time. If you believe the leak, then back in 2013 a small team of 60 people started working on Grand Theft Auto VI by Rockstar standards, to which more and more employees joined in the following years. Thus, the game Grand Theft Auto 6 may be in development for almost 7 years.

In addition, the document had a list of locations that the Grand Theft Auto VI development team had been considering for a long time. The list of possible locations for GTA 6 included places like Las Venturas in the 1970s, Vice City, Chicago and Detroit snow locations, and Mexico City. It is worth noting that in GTA 6 leaks over the past months almost all references from the new list are often found, which means that there is a very high probability that at least a few of them will nevertheless appear in Grand Theft Auto VI. However, it is still unknown what era Rockstar chose for GTA VI, and whether it will be the present, or the era of the 70s, which also appears in various leaks. There is a version that the events of GTA 6 will stretch for decades, and gamers will be shown locations at different times of action, from the 1970s to the present.

So far, all of the above information is unofficial in nature, however, it confirms many previous plums for Grand Theft Auto VI, reports. Many analysts argue that the announcement may take place this year, and work on the game has long been underway. When it will be announced and released GTA 6 is still unknown.