GRID Autosport

Critical moment for virtual driving the one we are currently living. Jewelery of the caliber of Gran Turismo 6 or Forza Motorsport 5 marked last fall, and another pair as the promising DriveClub and Forza Horizon 2 are going to mark this end of 2014,


already fully accommodated on new generation machines. In this space of absolute competitiveness and brutal proposals both arcade and realistic in terms of simulation, it is not easy to sneak in with a worthy video game that gives the car lover everything that the other titles of the genre in these times. The most modest but also revolutionary


Project Cars , for example, will be facing the same situation as this new GRID Autosportis now seen, the redefinition of the brand that would meet this third delivery what Codemasters knows best , car games, and this week comes under the sponsorship of the


English magazine of the same name to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC as the one it is probably the last game on these consoles and on version 3.0 of the prolific EGO graphics engine .

Conservative spirit that surrounds this GRID Autosport, but at the same time veteran spirit and that makes clear that the British study has focused exclusively on improving and perfecting what they already had with the license well implanted and worked during several games, also what previously they were the prestigious TOCA. We are not facing a GRID that changes essential parameters,


not even a GRID that takes risks with many new cities for urban circuits, new unusual tests, social components and mix of multiplayer and singleplayer to the order of what has been done this year, Sandbox environment where we cross with others, or a car garage so


huge that it makes your competition mute. Nothing of that. For those who have the GRID 2 last year, this title is more about a set-up and an extension. This time we are facing nothing less than 100 routes in 22 locations .

GRID: Autosport (360) Screenshot

GRID: Autosport (360) Screenshot   GRID: Autosport (360) Screenshot

Extension, therefore, worked and refined. Some of the characteristic problems of the series finally disappear or are diluted a little more, and in general we have an audiovisual and tangible experience that will satisfy both the most aggressive and regulars of the arcade and the purists of the marches and the braking clean without collisions. The graphic aspect is taken a little further


but without reaching the best levels, the EGO Engine is reused. The AI ​​is refined slightly to give all the war expected from a videogame of current speed, and factors such as the collision system or the penalties for rewind and runway exits are regulated so that they pass good bill to those who abuse them, giving shape to an adaptive but fair gameplay in rewards.

Codemasters here makes a hybrid that according to the difficulty settings that we make and our way of playing adapts to each user to give him what he is looking for.


Although a high difficulty will award better prizes and unlocks than a simple one, which forces the rookies at the wheel to have to practice and improve to later get into the online with a good level and gallery of cars. It’s a somewhat risky decision, no doubt.


Do not turn to the hyper-realistic and super-technical races or to the craziest and most unbridled competitions, this Autosport continues to be between two waters, although more protected and of course afloat. Follow the patterns of the GRID saga, in short, but the


differences between one gameplay and another are much better, all with a renewed XP Points system.that -as always- we will be opening more and more tests, new vehicles, teams interested in our pilot and, finally, the deepest and most demanding GRID Competitions .

GRID: Autosport (360) Illustration

GRID: Autosport (360) Illustration