Project Cars

The virtual asphalt was being too trampled by the adrenaline easy, the breaks without consequence, the invulnerable tires and the light hand brake.


But this week, at last and after more than 4 years of work in a model the less curious and several late delays to polish errors obsessively, Project Cars puts its light green to premiere in new generationconsoles and computers to the last true automotive simulation , steering wheels, levers and pedals that advance and dirty the windshield of brands such as Gran Turismo, F1 and Forza Motorsport as exponents of the engine with realistic ambition.


Slightly Mad Studios , responsible for memorable turns likeNeed For Speed ​​Shift, Unleashed or Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends , bet on the sensations of a pilot imposed directly on the hands of the player, heritage collected from prestigious names in this as are iRacing, rFactor or Assetto Corsa , keys on PC. And it is achieved.

Project Cars was born in the community , has grown up having it as a protector and comes to the stores with the full attention of both its backers and those who

were not, because, as the final premiere approached, the product looked better and it clung more to that hopeful role that the conduction could return to have exponents of pure simulation without neglecting with it a graphic section of vanguard . The idea emerged as an autonomous crowdfunding


launched by a group of self-proclaimed programmers who love true-to-life speed. In this original team, faces related to the automotive sector and


prestigious pilots were already known, who later collaborated contributing sensations, concepts and testing the progress of which, for example, Nicolas Hamilton (brother of Lewis), René Rast or Oliver Webb has been during many sessions a training simulator for real racing and full track recognition.

Project CARS (PC) screenshot  Project CARS (PC) screenshot

Project CARS (PC) screenshot

Later, Bandai Namco saw the potential of what Slightly Mad had in hand and volunteered as a distributor. And now what we get is an authentic superproduction as complete in circuits, technical details, social benefits and configurations as well tied in all the audiovisual


and playable experience. A title that seeks to be the new reference of the genre and bring realism to the wheel of the new consoles of passage, something orphaned in that except the acceleration not entirely in depth of Forza 5 , as Driveclub and Horizon 2go through other more focused courses in direct fun than in technical demands.

That is, on-screen cars that behave like cars on the real road, punishing the damage, measuring the temperature of the tires and brakes, controlling the fuel


consumption, adapting to the weather, the cant, the G forces and the humidity, or making gear changes crucial. More than 80,000 players from all over the world have made testers during the development, full of closed betas to collect feedback from all these


people and go filing harshness to find the ideal result. Project Cars has come out a game of quantity and quality , it is not left alone in one of the two scales as it usually happens with the referents of the genre.