Friday the 13th

To talk about  Friday the 13th (2017) and compare it with the  Dead by the Daylight  – is unrealistic, because both of these games are not only very similar stylistically, but also belong to the rare genre – horror with an asymmetrical multiplayer.

In each match, players team performs against a maniac who manages also a real person. It looks like a mixture of children’s games “tuks-ta” and “salochki”: victims have little time to lay low, and driving, listening and peering into the bushes, he goes hunting.

The only difference is that, caught hiding bad player maniac brutally and spectacularly executed him.

Be sure to check it out our selection of brutal murders of the game GIFCA – Jason flushes the toilet and tore the crotch!

Of being a trite videotape is not only in the intro: Jason when chasing prey and using abilities of nearby players on the screen is impaired – if film jams.

Jason very, very cheat, and I still never got into a situation where he would have killed less than half of the empty-headed students, spending the night in an abandoned summer camp.

No, seriously, this infection gets stronger maniacs of the Dead by Daylight – those at least had more work: find, catch up, otdubas, take the hook, hang up, look to have not delivered – and the time is coming.

And if the hooks broke? Dragged into the lair? During this time, players will have time to start a generator and slip away.

The “Friday the 13th” to play the role of a maniac is much easier and more fun on. Especially on the first level, when all the random play, not pumped characters, and more importantly, do not know very well card and tactics victory.

This is a time of carefree nubstva who want to enjoy. Found, caught, gutted – the next one, please!

Review on Friday the 13th (2017).  Game Review - Image 3
Review on Friday the 13th (2017).  Game Review - Image 4
The game has several different movies from Jason, and it’s not just skins – each different passive skills. A better tolerated mills, other fast swimming and so on.

Bugs spoil the rollers and the thrill of the game.

Then, when the players are no longer just shy away from Jason and run it on the map in a panic, and begin to perform tasks in order to escape and thus defeat the whole fan of random stupid things evaporate.

In its place comes another, more powerful emotion – the satisfaction of a well-deserved victory. It’s nice when we manage to get away from the killer in the arsenal which has two teleport:

Jason first turns into the invisible cloud, flying at high speed and controlled in the first person and the second allows you to open the map, choose a place and move instantly.

Review on Friday the 13th (2017).  Game Review - Image 5
The victims have characteristics (stealth, speed of repair, the force of impact, and so on) that define the style of play for this character. In addition to this, you can select up to three passive abilities.

Review on Friday the 13th (2017).  Game Review - Image 6
Students run away from Jason contorted with fear mugs. Sometimes it looks very funny.

When I wrote that maniac cheat, I did not exaggerated.

Active ability Jason repeat the effect of classic hacker programs: he sees the victims through walls, teleport, becomes invisible and moves at a breakneck pace, and can mute the background music at the same time increasing the brightness of the image.

All this work for a short time, but recharges quickly, because something from it so difficult to get away.

From the words may seem that this is too much, and such possibilities a player should not be. In fact, they really need, and they are not so easy to use.

The flight to invisibility is very fast, so write zigzags so simply will not work. In addition, in-flight navigation complicates frankly idiotic decision not to consent to fly in places where Jason can not pass in the usual form.

And I can understand why you can not get into the house through the broken window – so be missing the whole point to barricade the door. But why I can not fly over the picket fence, the height just above the knee ?!

Review on Friday the 13th (2017).  Game Review - Image 7
Apart from the aforementioned supernatural abilities, Voorhees and enjoy more mundane tools: throwing knives and bear traps.

Without teleport to any point on the map at all, can not do, because a huge map – many times more than in the Dead by Daylight. Here at home and tent camps by the fire, and a few cars that you can start and controlling person, go to them.

Forest, lake with boat station, the lair of Jason with the remains of his mother – certainly something I forgot to mention, but the point is that in the “Friday the 13th” a lot of space and possibilities, and therefore victims of a serial killer in the team 7 instead of 4 as in the Dead by Daylight.