Friday the 13th: The Game

However, as the authors ordered entrusted them with money, it raises many questions. “And what are you actually doing for the last two years?” – central among them, and there he was at the stage of exploring the main menu. Single player campaign is missing.

Education is presented in text form. In multiplayer no rating matches or any variety of modes. That is, you can play in a single format or with random opponents or with friends.

And if there is no “single” mode, and you can find a theoretical justification (there may not enough, there’s an innovative mechanics that do not need them), then ignoring the creators of interactive learning is terribly annoying. Once in the game, you do not understand or what you do or where to go. Then only I guess that first of all it was necessary to thoroughly examine the word “tutorial”. Well, who in our time introduces users to the gameplay in such a way? ..

Immediately after the start of the first match, I guess what surprises are just beginning. Low cost of the project gives a wry posed, but canonicity for “Friday” tie: eight young lovers tents and fresh air gathered around a campfire in the forest camp. And then without preamble, without any liner appears Jason Voorhees and causing injury incompatible with life otbivshemusya from the boy herds.

Our “heroes” ostentatiously horrified and slack-jawed to the ground scatter in all directions … this stupid, worthless delivered intonation, in which no one says a word, will observe absolutely necessary before each match.

That is a game in which the plot is completely absent, you have time to impose the following identity: “I am incredibly intelligent American teenager who ran away at the sight of danger for a couple of kilometers away from their friends and now wanders back to save them and ourselves.”

It is clear that in the film the kids too, not very wise move, but devote only a narrative point of idiocy diagnosis heroes – it is too.

creation IllFonic– Flight fanservis, hewn out of the iconic moments in the film, in the hastily connected by what is called a “unique gameplay” in the elite real estate circles.

The creators, perhaps, are militant fans of “Friday”, and their purpose might be sincere and good. But seeing Jason’s late mother, they did not understand what interactive entertainment different from the movie.

There is not enough to collect in one frame hockey mask, an ax hiding children and their dismembered bodies. Video game adaptation of a horror movie – a task that more professional representatives geymdeva difficult to cope.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Who would you afraid of more?
Further developments game session, when you look at them from the point of view of common sense, resemble a school fun “cops and robbers”, then only the groom alone.
However, the fan of Jason movie once it becomes clear that the local gameplay – it Unfolded in the time plane of one game storyline different pictures of “Friday the 13th” series. That is, users are hiding, armed with bats, trying to call the police.
Only if in the movies these actions consistently replace each other, setting the atmosphere and building a song, here each of the players at the same time with other implements some little story, which raises a couple of seconds, and the very atmosphere makes feel the same horror.
However, the episode ends, and you stay with nothing – in the horror, which claims to be dreadful and terrible,

Just imagine: you run away from Jason. Strength is running out, the maniac has already breathing in the back. In desperation you jump into the window of the house. A moment later the door begins to crack from the blows of an ax chasing you villain.

Like all great, but suddenly the enemy stops. You look out the window – and he, forgetting you already limping after another run past “a robber.” Last writes circles around a thick tree and Jason helplessly trying to get it.