Former head of Rockstar North Leslie Benzies received multimillion-dollar investment to develop Grand Theft Auto “killer”

Ex-president Rockstar North Leslie Benzies received a multimillion-dollar investment to finance the development of Grand Theft Auto’s new rival, the game Everywhere

In 2017, Benzies announced the creation of a game studio Build a Rocket Boy with offices in Edinburgh and Budapest, which has already employed over 130 people, including former GTA developers, including Grand Theft Auto V lead programmer Colin Entwistle. Build a Rocket Boy has recently attracted new investors, including the Chinese gaming giant, according to a new report from The Telegraph. NetEaseAccording to the consulting company Beauhurst, the amount of funds received is estimated at $ 42 million

Benzies was one of the most influential figures in the development of the GTA series, but left Rockstar under difficult circumstances in 2016. The producer is suing Take-Two Interactive, demanding $ 150 million in unpaid royalties from her, alleging that the company tried to suspend him from his job after he went on sabbatical. Ultimately, the court dismissed Benzies’ claim, and in 2019 the parties settled the conflict.

Everywhere should be an open-world game that Benzies previously stated will be different from anything he has done before.… The project is created on the engine Amazon Lumberyard

“Players are getting smarter, more attentive to their entertainment choices, they get bored and want more from their games, so we are going to give them the freedom to live in our worlds the way they want. We aim to offer a huge variety of game modes and styles that will not only tell our stories, but also allow players to experience their own adventures and explore what interests them the most, “Benzies said in 2017.

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