Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Of course we will. But first we tell you about what we do. A speech about the world Ivalice, the same one where the action Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story .

Powerful Arcadia Empire captures the small kingdom Dalmaska. The King and Prince killed in the first half hour, the princess killed herself, one of the main commanders was a traitor.

In such a situation begins to spin the story of a young street thief Vaan and his girlfriend Penela. War dead brother Vahan once witnessed the death of the king, so the guy his relations with the occupiers …

The most important thing in the history of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age– not that it is full of politics, a little love and a lot of overlap with the “Star Wars.” Most importantly, the story and characters lack platitudes.

There is no typical Japanese RPG confrontation tough guys with huge swords, although the local tough guys – and bash Balter udelyvayut formal protagonist in all respects. Place crystals and magic, of course, was no, but people, their feelings and desires – is much more important.

The action takes place on a very unusual background for the series – Ivalice inspired by medieval European or not steampunk, most parts of the “Final Fantasy” and Mediterranean culture, the architecture of the Ottoman Empire, the nature of the small Greek islands and Asia Minor mountains.

The scope is as grand as that of the plot, which is detailed, multi-faceted and somewhat confusing: it will be difficult to understand all the details without a good knowledge of English – and to understand them we must.

At the time, even native speakers are so lost in the intricacies that forget who the main villain! In addition, the second half of the game created in a hurry after leaving appreciable director, so there plot portion separated by large gaps “grind”.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age game review

Fran and Balter – catchy and charismatic pair. Even a pity that they do not have a separate history.


Exhibition of Achievements of Square Enix

Yes, once the development of the project was delayed so much that had to change the head. If in the case of Final Fantasy XV

Hajime Tabata (Hajime Tabata) broke everything totally changed course, there is all the achievements Yasumi Matsuno remained in the ranks.

Eleven years later, they look quite true, as the pinnacle of what has been done in the genre. Indeed, after the twelfth of nothing fundamentally new in the JRPG appeared. Even divine Xenoblade Chronicles working on the old fuel.

Charges whole thing open structure of the world. Yes, PlayStation 2 is not allowed to make a great location, and there are quite a few loading screens between rooms and areas of the map, but the fact remains – in the Final Fanatsy XII you are free to run where you want to instantly move between “teleportation stones” minimize to hidden caves, and so on.

And, last but not least, the battle with the enemy starts without switching to a separate screen. All opponents can be seen in advance, as it is adopted today, you can get away from them or approach them in a good light, and sometimes – to use the weather conditions.

Gambit, batyanya, batyanya, Gambit

To truly love Final Fantasy XII is necessary not only the heart, but also the mind. This is a game for mathematicians, analysts, programmers, but not for the humanities. Joke.

Humanists simply will be more difficult to understand in the local system “gambit”. After all, we manage only the party leader, and the remaining wards in advance assign tactics of behavior in combat (but also easier to equip the leader of all gambits). Each gambit – some action under certain conditions.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age game review

“Bleeding” is very important here, and it should speed up its gambits.