Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

That there were no complaints, the standard description of the game I will do, but in the briefest form. Final Fantasy 12 – is of JRPG, in which you control a team of three heroes who are traveling through the vast and detailed framework of the world.

Characters gain experience in combat and license points, which go out to open on special boards skill ability, increased performance and the ability to wear a different outfit.

The reprint Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age such boards 12, each corresponding to a particular occupation. Each of the six available characters to choose from two open licensing board.

Also Final Fantasy XII – is  the localization of the masterpiece , which has no equal, and  many other wonderful things , of which I spoke earlier.

And The Zodiac Age – this is an excellent remaster, which not only redrawn graphics and soundtrack re-recorded with an orchestra, but also  added a new user-friendly features .

The game’s plot povetstvuet princess of the kingdom attempts Dalmaska ​​captured powerful empire, to restore the independence of the homeland. But not only.

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Confusion with the protagonists

Одной из ключевых претензий любителей цикла Final Fantasy к двенадцатой части был Ваан – парнишка-простолюдин, за которого игра, по сути, начинается и которого по этой причине многие называют протагонистом. Само собой, это не так: Ваан используется игрой как POV-персонаж, мы его глазами смотрим на жизнь простых людей, на суть конфликта в мире игры, на других героев, которые вскоре займут в повествовании центральную роль. Обычный уличный парнишка – это отправная точка, а ключевыми действующими лицами истории становятся галантный воздушный пират, бегущий в небо за свободой и потерявшая трон принцесса, мечтающая отомстить отнявшей у нее все империи. Этим трем персонажам предстоит изрядно повзрослеть: в отличие от большинства JRPG, герои которых любят вести себя безрассудно,

Final Fantasy XII is dedicated to personal responsibility, and this theme runs through the game like a red thread.

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Games and thrones

Rather strange to recall it now, when the “Game of Thrones” has become one of the most discussed topics in the world, but the output Final Fantasy XII criticized largely because instead of the typical for the previous parts sugary tricks boy and girl in the center of the narrative was “politics” . In fact, this policy is not in the game so much; this word obviously had in mind the intrigues and machinations that build each other up the local aristocracy. But most importantly, this is different:

Each character of the heroes before their enemies, bound by some obligations and circumstances.