Digital Foundry specialists are impressed by the power of the Xbox Series X, but Randy Pitchford is not

Chapter Gearbox Randy Pitchford tweets with Phil Spencer on Twitter after reporting impressive power Xbox Series X or, as Microsoft claims, “just an Xbox.”

The other day, experts Digital foundry carried out testing a new platform. In his article, the technical division Eurogamer mentioned that power Series x greatly increased compared to Xbox one x and especially original Xbox one. According to experts, this was achieved by overclocking the processor instead of increasing the density of transistors. According to Moore’s law, the density of transistors on a microchip should double about once every two years, but it seems that this “pace” is slowing down.

“The density of the transistors is unlikely to double, which means that the main way to increase productivity is to increase the frequency – and by a lot,” Digital Foundry experts write. “Increasing the clock speed gives more performance and, therefore, a greater return on silicon, but the more you squeeze, the more energy you need. And the more energy you need, the more heat you produce – therefore, you need innovations in heat dissipation technology. ”

Phil Spencer confirmed on Twitter that Moore’s law is slowing down. However, performance ambitions are increasing and require design innovation.

“As Moore’s law slows down and our ambitions increase, this leads to design innovation,” writes the head of the Xbox. “Software innovations such as VRS (Variable Rate Shading, approx. GameMAG) will also be critical. The Xbox Series X is rewriting the rules of console design, and its power level should be extraordinary. ”

It seems these words did not impress the founder Gearbox and one of the creators of the series Borderlands Randy Pitchford, who considered Spencer to justify his Xbox Series X structure this way.

“Is Moore’s Law Slowing Down?” How many transistors are the Series X? What if Moore’s law is like a “4-minute mile” (mythical barrier– approx. Gamemag)? Your ambitious message about the Xbox One X was inspiring, but for Series X it is more like an excuse. ”

Randy Pitchford

After the fan’s words about the “exclusive deal with Sony“(A clear allusion to Godfall – the new Gearbox game, which will be released exclusively on PS5 and PC– approx. GameMAG), Pitchford apologized, saying he did not want to offend anyone. He, just like everyone, wants the next Xbox to be as powerful as possible.

“I don’t understand where it all came from? Maybe the fault is the new exclusive deal with Sony? ”

“No, there is nothing for my comment,” answered Pitchford. “I love Phil and thank him for his leadership. “I want the next Xbox to be as powerful as possible, and I want to hear how the leading figures of the platform are crafting ambitious and technological plans that will benefit customers and developers.”

“I’m an Xbox gamer. My gamertag: DuvalMagic. If I could wave a magic wand, the Xbox and PlayStation would be incredibly powerful and maintain parity among themselves. Actually, I think Sony and Microsoft should unite. ”

The Xbox Series X goes on sale during the 2023 Christmas holidays.

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