Deemo II prepares for rhythmic game Continuation of Deemo II – review

Tokyo studio Rayark announced continuation of its rhythmic musical play Deemo. To the future Deemo ii the first trailer was released, which, however, does not make it clear what exactly awaits the players.

The rhythmic game Deemo was released on mobile devices and the PlayStation Vita, and recently, developers have released a version Deemo -Reborn- for PlayStation 4 with PlayStation VR support. Deemo imitates the process of playing the piano: the player needs to “catch” the falling notes on the desired keys.

In the first part, the main character was a girl who suddenly found herself in a fantasy world. She can get out of there only if the tree growing from the lid of the piano reaches the roof. The more tunes played, the higher the tree. But the trouble is that the strange pianist does not know if she wants to let the girl go home.

Neither the girl nor the black Deemo figure we see in the first teaser. Instead, we are shown a train station, rain, graves and flowers. And the strange figure of an unknown monster at the very end. However, the piano is also present here, although it is not clear what goals we can achieve with it.

Rayark also does not speak about the release dates and supported platforms.