Celebrate the Saga: Star Wars Episode 9 Trailer: Battlefront II – review

EA showed a fresh trailer Star Wars: Battlefront IIdedicated to the release of the festive edition of the action movie, which includes all paid content – including the one released on the ninth episode of the movie saga.

Until December 20, the game will feature themed skins for Rey, Finn and Kylo Ren, as well as new types of reinforcements and locations for the cooperative mode. In addition, developers will release a new map, where the action “Skywalker. Sunrise“.

Even in the fresh trailer, they showed a lot of action movie innovations that were implemented since the release in 2017, including updates on “The Clone Wars“,”Solo“And”The last Jedi“.

Moreover, EA is already confirmedThat the support of the project will continue in 2023, however, the owners of the latest edition will have to buy new cosmetic items already separately. In January will appear two new heroes – BB-8 and BB-9E.

Current Battlefront II owners can upgrade to the festive edition:

A new edition has already appeared on sale: