Cars 3: In Race for Victory

Those who have not seen the movie can, in the first place, be quiet: the video game, a classical arcade racing game, has a very simple story told in very few cutscenes, just to justify the crazy racing that Saetta McQueen, Ratchet and their friends and rivals will play, and without any particular connection to the movie film.
In total there are more than 20 cars to choose from and to unlock, but their differences are only aesthetic: there are no unique features (such as speed and acceleration) as in the vast majority of production. 
This certainly makes life easier for the little movie enthusiasts, who will not have to think more about strategy and run away on the track with their favorite car, but at the same time will nose their nose to anyone else.
In the race you have the ability to charge your own turbo by doing stunts: using the derapata, going back or racing on two wheels, including on this list also unlikely trick airplanes; the turbo bar can be loaded and stored up to 4 times, and if it was to be the best we could choose to empt it all at once to have a more powerful turbo and a period of total invincibility. It will also be important to take advantage of the right stunts in the particular points on the track, to fill up this upgrade much more quickly.
The gameplay itself requires a minimum of initial practice, but a couple of races are enough to take our hand straight away; Different talk about the difficulty of the challenges, often challenging from the normal level.
… kicking like a go-kart!
There are 5 variants of the matches: Race, where one wins who just gets first to the finish line, no surprises; Automobile Challenge, a variant of the Race with the addition of several weapons to pick and shoot, in pure Mario Kart style; Acrobatics Show, where the goal is to get the most points in a time limit due to aerial acrobatics; Elimination, where by using different weapons you have to get as many crazy karts as possible; Finally, Best Giro Challenge, a real “Time Attack” in which you try to beat the times shown on the screen. If the races do not work for you and / or you just want to relax, you can head to the Thomasville Acrobatic Track: a large area like a skate park where you can run freely,
There is also a multiplayer mode, Synchronized Team Game, where each player can choose one of the 4 available sponsors and compete against other riders, but we must point out that by choosing this mode the cars available on the track are reduced from 8 to 4 (including both flesh and bone players and virtual players): a choice that made us toss the nose.
Unfortunately, there is no trace of multiplayer online: the multiplayer can only be accessed locally. It’s a shame that Cars 3 would surely have made such a treasure, starting with its arcade race title.
I’m pure speed!
We want to point out that Cars 3 is entirely localized in Italian, with the inclusion of the original voices in the movie: the dubbing do their best to continue to identify with their characters (with a particular note of merit we give to Pino Insegno, Chick Hicks) and this is definitely a positive factor to increase the involvement of fans of the series. 
We must point out that the game does not match the expectations at the technical level: probably due to the nature of the cross platform with the previous generation, it is lacking in the graphic impact and on the take-up. To conclude, although we do not believe that there is enough content to justify the full price we claim, it is a discreet title.In short, we’ve seen a lot worse and Cars 3 is at least a compie.