Saw McQueen: the new Sphero toy

What Sphero was a visionary company in the interpretation and realization of his toys we had already understood it with the BB8 replica, magnificent and sweet at the same time. After taking part in a presentation at the Milan office in Disney, however, we had to surrender to the truth, or that the nice sphere from Star Wars was just the beginning of a path that Sphero just started tracing. The new level of children’s toys goes from here, from Saetta McQueen ‘s replica of Cars 3, that is, the star of the Disney animation film.
Not a simple toy
What we have faced can not be categorized as a simple object designed to entertain the children, but something more, and it is immediately understood from the 349 euros needed to buy. This reproduction of Saetta McQueenis a miracle engineering tool: it speaks, moves, interacts actively with us.
As? Thanks to a trapezoidal led panel that is useful to give life to Saetta’s eyes, combined with six motors used to reproduce the movements that the protagonist performs in the film, such as steering and derapating various, to end with an animatronic mouth that moves to really, because of a design cure that simply leaves breathless.
The interaction does not end here because the nice car has more than 300 localized phrases in Italian as well as five sensors scattered throughout the bodywork that will actively react to Saetta’s touches. The result is astonishing: an object that seems to enjoy its own life and which, above all, will be able to conquer you right away.
Saw McQueen: the new Sphero toy
Stylish like a sedan, snapping like a go-kart!
After the presentation, seasoned with videos and details on the technical specifications, we launched the actual test of the product: Saetta Mcqueen you’re guided by the smartphone app that will allow us to compete with the computer’s actually increased levels, rather than making Saetta some of his iconic jokes, and other features that make the experience truly complete, enriched by a system of progression that will allow us to step up and unlock more and more options that will make Saetta a real booster, as well as a stage animal, thanks to his remarkable talent from one man show.
The road test told us that the speed of the “toy” is controllable and never exaggerated, and that the average battery life is around 40 minutes after two hours of charging. Obviously for a definitive opinion on this aspect we will have to wait to get the product out of hand and do all the tests of the case.