All Star Fruit Racing

Innovating commands inside a kart racing game is never easy, yet AFR starts out here, changing what is the concept of derapata: coming for years of Mario Kart and neurotic experiences having had defeats at the last second as you is the first to close the finish line, surely the differences are noticed.

Drift, in fact, is not preceded by a jump, which makes the whole thing much more natural, but it will take a bit of a habit before you feel at home: furthermore, if exasperated, the drift will also bring you to melt the engine, giving you a malus that will make you lose those precious seconds on the circuit.

In this regard, we will then open an important bracket referring to one of the greatest feedbacks delivered to the development team regarding the duration of malus, present as well as in Mario Kart: unlike, however, of what is the most important title of kart racing game arcade, this time the system becomes much more complex than you might think and abandons that random order that is just the title of Nintendo.

It is also well known that for Mario Kart the delivery of objects, useful to gain positions or simply to annoy those in front of you (read the blue shell), take place according to the position on the track: who is in the first positions will not find never a Pallottolo Bill, as the second will never find a blue shell, while the last one will most likely find objects that will allow him to recover as many positions as possible.

In AFR, this is completely different, because everyone can have everything, but they will have to create their own object: we will have four tanks to fill, featuring four different colors and four power ups clearly different, to be picked up on the track. Filling a single tank will bring a power up to use at any time of the race, but filling them all four will take you to use your pilot’s special move (each one has one in particular).

During our test, we reluctantly loved the strawberry pilot right away, which had a special turbo boost that allowed us to rescue the opponents or to get closer to the group again.

The possible combinations are varied, of course, because with four reservoirs available you can always decide what to close, ie what to not use, and which combine: each color will refer to seasonal fruit and after a couple of matches you will begin to understand the operating system.

As is often the case in video games, AFR is also easy to play but difficult to master, especially with regard to this aspect of power ups, which will have to go well in your head when it comes time to get on the track.

All Star Fruit Racing, tried the Italian racing game

Scegli la tua frutta
AFR’s roster is very varied and will allow you to choose from a large number of riders, all referring to a particular fruit: in addition, the appeal to fruit is evident in all its forms. The peculiarity is that the vehicles you choose to choose, which do not always look like karts, will not have any kind of personalization or unique feature: all means of transport that go at the same speed, have the same acceleration and weight.

Forget then to think like Mario Kart in search of the optimum set-up, perhaps with the Link Motorcycle and the Pink Umbrella Paraglider: here all start with the same base and the only thing you can choose at the start of the race is your pilot and consequently your special power.